Big Tone – A Song Called Triumph f. Blu

Big Tone is set to drop his self-produced album, The Art of Ink, this year on Tres Records. That being said, we get a taste of what to expect with a dope Blu assisted track. And from what I read over at OnSMASH, it seems as if The Breakfast Club is getting revamped (now consisting of Elzhi, Dwele, Big Tone, Ta’Raach & Blu) and will be releasing music soon enough. Elzhi & Blu on a record sounds like bliss to me.

DOWNLOAD: Big Tone – A Song Called Triumph f. Blu | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Big Tone – A Song Called Triumph f. Blu”

  1. All of those dudes gonna share a track?! Cuz that would be bananas…I wonder how that idea came to be

  2. the original breakfast club crew consisted of dwele, elzhi and a few other folks… ive got a bootleg ep they did i believe somewhere.

  3. yo shake you think you could post that EP?

    if not it’s cool

  4. Yes Shake, post that EP man. Dwele is that dude. Dwele and Blu on a track? On an EP? Wow..
    Blu >>>> ___________

  5. ftr: Vitamins is MY SHIT!

  6. big tone is dope..”the drought” album was dope..this is a dope cut..cant wait for the album

  7. big tone is highly slept on & this track is just as dope as when i heard it over a month ago!

  8. damn blu always go hard and this dude big tone got a solid flow but sorry that name sounds generic as hell

  9. The original breakfast club EP, which features dwele elzhi and lacks, is the shit…too bad the sound quality on it is meh

  10. lacks a.k.a ta’raach

  11. […] Blu up. This is a dope track but I had to post it more for the news that came with it. According to 2DopeBoyz, The Breakfast Club (Big Tone, Elzhi, and Dwele) have reunited and have added Ta’Raach and […]

  12. thanks Aerostatik for the knowledge…when I first heard of Lacks aka Ta’Raach on Juice’s posse cut KGB…vicious

  13. that KGB cut is vicious…i thought that was binary stars track tho, i know it was off their masters of the universe album which is a CLASSIC

  14. […] here: Big Tone – A Song Called Triumph f. Blu March 2nd, 2009 | Tags: 2dopeboyz, asher-roth, big tone, blu, dwele, glc, Hip Hop, illroots, […]

  15. […] for this overseas excursion I’m about to embark on so posting it had to go on standby. Shake (2db) does all the talking for me but I will say what should be obvious by now, Blu >>>> […]

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