Saigon & Statik Selektah – All In A Day’s Work (Artwork)

Full version after the jump. Hopefully this means, the actual project is coming soon!


~ by Shake on March 2, 2009.

26 Responses to “Saigon & Statik Selektah – All In A Day’s Work (Artwork)”

  1. Ugly ass cover lmao, hopefully the music is better…

  2. ^^my thoughts exactly. people still sleeping on shake. smh

  3. For a project done is 24 hours you are going to get a cover done in 24 minutes

  4. Covers is good not extraordinary but good. I’m sure this project will be hot!


  6. they could at least put one of their pics on the cover

  7. Cannot wait for that to drop.

  8. bland…

  9. I think the message of the cover is with the sun setting, they got all their shit done in one day. Either way, still pretty bland but hopefully it doesn’t SOUND like they did it in 24 hours. I’d be fine with 10 new cuts – and that’s still huge.

  10. they said they did this shit like a month ago and its barely about to come out?

  11. I’ve seen worse album art. Think everything that Miami Kaos has ever doen, or whoever the fuck does 95% of the DJ such-n-such mixtapes that come out daily.

  12. something i sent got posted!

  13. I admit “The Rules” is dope
    Looking forward to hearing it.

    I know what i said before. SHIT!

  14. That artwork is meh hopefully content is better haha…

    Shake I’ll get at you for a digi album art for my demo soon cuz my ps cs2 are novice at best lol

  15. For some reason it reminds of a throwback to early 90s cover. The font usage could be better but I don’t mind the image application.

  16. If anything, the cover reminds me of a darker version of The Foreign Exchange album cover.

  17. i like it..
    they coulda chose not such cliche text but i can dig it.

  18. What’s the point in doing an album in 24 hours when the shits not going to come out till months after? Am I supposed to be impressed? Why not just take your time and make a better album.

  19. For a project done is 24 hours you are going to get a cover done in 24 minutes
    TheLastEmperor said this on March 2, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    ^lmfaoooo.. wordage

  20. i think the cover looks good, all in a days work, like b4 the sun sets. damn why yall hating on the atmosphere, landscapes etc. rather see this cover than one with guns and drugs cars n rims. damn yall

  21. […] the original post here: Saigon & Statik Selektah – All In A Day’s Work (Artwork) March 2nd, 2009 | Tags: all in a day’s work, artwork, asher-roth, bestofbothoffices, crooked i, […]

  22. Can’t wait for the album itself but damn lol cover art is meh. Im toally gonna make my own, can’t stand shitty cover art on my MP3.

  23. I like it, and the music will be fucking flames, I have no doubts about that…

  24. Shitty Cover like a Puffy Daddy Sample

  25. I like the cover (could do with a better text, tho). Its definitely better than Warning Shots:

  26. Oh wait, what proves that this was done in a day btw? Lol and honestly, i hope the music is much better than that cover.. Blah

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