Tom Gist – Dear Killa (Video)

He was all over Cam’s Public Enemy #1 mixtape, then he dropped a Sweet 16 mixtape with the NMC, and now he’s penning a letter to Killa! Shouts to DJ Klapton.

DOWNLOAD: Tom Gist – Dear Killa


~ by Shake on March 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Tom Gist – Dear Killa (Video)”

  1. Yet another airing of the laundry, but I’ve been a Gist fan for a while now. He’s a soulful guy. Check his mixtapes if you haven’t, and the Gist/Penz track on Cam’s Public Enemy with the Phil Collins sample is heat.

  2. Gist is dope as hell. people sleepin

  3. ya gist been a beast

  4. […] original post here: Tom Gist – Dear Killa (Video) Tags: a matter of time, asher-roth, cam’ron, can i live, charles hamilton, illroots, jay-z, killa, […]

  5. gist man like u say love n business, man dnt fret dat thurr ur a star n ur own rite,let killa mind his mind 4 time heals n urs rhymes ill .early lite ent!!!

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