DJ DviousMindZ Presents – Beats I Would’e Gave Blu (Mixtape)

Hey I’m back with my newest instrumental tape, DJ DviousMindZ Presents Beats I Would’ve Gave Blu. MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Shake for the artwork. Thanks for listening and your support. Feedback is greatly appreciated at Another episode of Scrambled Eggs coming real soon!

01 – Intro
02 – Welcome Back
03 – Where Did It Go
04 – Chance
05 – I Just
06 – Comes Easy
07 – Electrified
08 – Lucky
09 – Take Me To The Mardi Gras

DOWNLOAD: DJ DviousMindZ Presents – Beats I Would’e Gave Blu (Mixtape)


~ by Meka on March 3, 2009.

17 Responses to “DJ DviousMindZ Presents – Beats I Would’e Gave Blu (Mixtape)”

  1. Wtf? In rar format?? Gayyyyyyyyyyy

  2. I thought it was coming out on Wednesday, oh well you can’t complain when something dope/free comes out early, I’ll have to listen when I get off of work in a few hours, I’m gonna tear these up, hopefully… Yo Dvious you the man lol, dope ps skills shake. and thhanks for the post Mek.

  3. @ gbreeze How is that gay as opposed to zip?

    on topic, nice cover Shake & thanks for the drop Meka, gonna check this out in a little bit.

  4. yeah almost every album posted on zshare, rapidshare etc. are in rar format. nobody uses zip anymore.

  5. Damn, when am I gettin my own post? Lol. Keep doin your thing dvious.

  6. Props all round. Been waitin for this for a minute. Will check it now.

  7. Atta boy dvs

  8. ahhh another one


  9. ill give yu that shake, ur nice when it comes to the designs

  10. thanks for the post but does anybody have a zip format to this???

  11. the beats werent bad, but none of them were good either… They all had the same chops in em… Idk man I havnt heard a mixtape from this guy I like yet… But hey *shrugs*

  12. I want a beats I would’ve gave Jay Electronica

  13. I Vote For Beats i WOuld have Gave Kyle Lucas

  14. cosign @ J_More
    like he said, none of the beats are bad, but none stick out either

  15. Yeoooo, Shake & Meka got my beats sittin in their inboxes. BADGER EM UNTIL THEY PUT ME ON!!$!

  16. Thank you all for the love.

  17. i really like i just.

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