Elliott “YN” WIlson – BoBO Interview pt.1 (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back when I was in junior college I picked up this then little-known magazine called XXL (with Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel on the cover) and since then it would become a goal/dream to see my words in the magazine. Well, for the past seven months my works have been in the magazine, and I credit this man for wanting me to get into music journalism in the first place, and the homie Rob for taking a chance on me.


~ by Meka on March 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “Elliott “YN” WIlson – BoBO Interview pt.1 (Video)”

  1. TOTALLY OFF SUBJECT: but does anyone know if we can expect to hear some new Lupe soon? I know he has the “Great American Rap Album” coming out in like 3 months, so there should be a single coming in the next couple weeks right? anyways, just wondering if anyone knows whats good.

  2. ON SUBJECT: Meka that is awesome, believe it or not from what I type here, I am a pretty damn good writer. That would be a dream of mine too, to write for any hip hop based magazine. My teachers since I have been in college have tried to take me aside and tell me what to do because I write so well, but at the same time I don’t want to go through these bullshit journalism classes where you have to write a million words to pass the class. Did you do something similar to that Meka?

  3. another totally off subject… Does anyone know what size shoe Lil’ Wayne wears?

  4. real talk? major in english. journalism is as simple as reading a book and knowing what to do & what not to do. but that don’t teach you how to write.

  5. writing creatively is a talent. you can go to million classes but if you don’t have talent they are just words on paper. unfortunately there are many hip-hop journalists that over hype tabloid non-sense and call it journalism. In my opinion, there hasn’t been true hip-hop journalism since the early days of the source magazine.

  6. real talk? major in english. journalism is as simple as reading a book and knowing what to do & what not to do. but that don’t teach you how to write.

    I feel you. thats really dope that you write for them though, ive been following your site for about a month so i wasnt 100 on what you and shake did exactly. creative writing has always been the thing in my life that comes easiest, im just lacking in the motivation department lol. thanks for the reply Meka…and i guess an extremely late congrats! lol

  7. YN is dope. I used to go to XXLmag.com jsut for the YN break a day. i havent checked for XXL since he left. but this guy just said …”rap radar lunch boxes” hahahahaha

  8. COMPLETELY NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THIS POST: anybody know when the official version of Wale “chillen” ft. Lady gaga is dropping?

  9. YN’s ok. He’s a great at marketing himself. And he has great ideas. But his time at XXL was spent dick riding G-Unit & Eminem (which I’m sure Interscope paid a pretty penny for) and sensationalizing the bullshit that has Hip-Hop in the sad state that it’s in now. Maybe RapRadar will be a platform he’ll use “journalize” from an grown man’s perspective.

  10. I Love Steriods For Breakfast said: “And he has great ideas”

    yn steals ideas. its crazy when a nigga gets props & you know damn well he dont deserve it. its fucking crazy. dont worry, ill be making my rounds.

  11. xxl been horrible for the last 4 years. glad to see the internet shut that shit down

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