JoeBuddenTV: Floating Booty (Video)

I wanna shout out Shake – Joe Budden

And you already know if I say JBTV and booty in the title… Tahiry is in the picture. Thanks for the shout Joey, it’s been my honor to help Tahiry catapult into stardom haha!

Can we have sex? Yes….


~ by Shake on March 3, 2009.

34 Responses to “JoeBuddenTV: Floating Booty (Video)”

  1. haha nigga said “joells gonna say he just left the gym hasnt lost half a pound” haha

  2. my God … I need to get my chick back in the gym wit her lazy ass! haha. *plots to slide this comment into the next conversation without offending her*

  3. i love seein her bent over ..

  4. i guess he knew padded rooms wasnt goin to sale, so he decided to pimp his girl for a hot minute smh

  5. i love seein her jump even more

  6. lol she’s funny. I feel like I knew a girl with a similar personality. But i’ve never know a chick with an ass like that. That things a UFO unidentified FAT object! Damn. They are fun to watch together. I don’t think I’d want to see a show with just her or just him. They have a fun chemistry.

    Can we have sex?
    Ok, signing off.

  7. more people should do this.guess niggas scared to take a risk and think people going to call them corny

  8. shake did u get a shout out? i think so. and dammit joey that ending… u lucky bastard

  9. damn baby got back.

  10. NICE!
    Cosign “You got a phat ass”
    “Can we have sex?”


  11. “you got a BRIGHT future behind you” lmao

  12. Everyone needs a Tahiry in there life LOL.

  13. If joe reads this next youtube clip will be the sextape. joe asks can we have sex? she says yes. I am a jealous bastard!

  14. Joe Budden = 1/ Def Jam = 0

    Tahiry’s ass >>>>> than Beyonce’s ass


  15. tahiry, kim kardashian, vida guerra, j-lo, kerri hilson. my top 5 asses of all time

  16. LMAO!!!

  17. lmao, i love all these comments

    nice shout out to Shake too haha…the master of the blogosphere!

  18. Joshua East, where is Serena’s ass in the top 5? lol

  19. nice.

  20. This chick is cool as fuck. That’s some funny shit about Slaughterhouse rehearsing. I know they must, but with hip hop I juts don’t think about it.

  21. Man…that’s all I can say…I’m about to start walking around singing I need a girl… like that!!!

  22. Dick riding!

    This is lame!

  23. “i just see floating ass in the air” hahaha joey u stupid hahahaha

  24. that was awesome

  25. yea i def. need a tahiry in my life
    damn joey a lucky dude

  26. gooooooooooooo shake!!!!!!!!!

  27. “UFO unidentified FAT object!” Lmao V.P.
    yeah these comments are entertaining alone
    Yeah I had a girl with a fatty like that butta face though so I had to let it go lol
    Shake is number one in the hood G haha

  28. He really is pimpin her though, what’s even funnier is her calling herself a lady. I mean seriously, if the battery of your camera is dying why put it on to film your girl building a trampoline ? Why aren’t you assembling it ? lol everything about the vid is telling me it’s planned to get her ass out there. She’s sexy I’ll give her that but it’s not what you do when you want album sales. Saigon’s shit with Statik is prolly better than your album anyway. [/rant]

  29. Especially the way she pushes her boobs together at the end,to show cleavage

    or arch her back up

    its obviously a game.. a good one though.

  30. LMAO @ you homos trying to dissect jbtv videos and figure out the strategy behind it, meanwhile hating like a bunch of scorned bitches.

    Fuckin homos.

    Shout out to all the real people who take it for what it’s worth, entertainment.

  31. U Got a Bright Future Behind You.

  32. I hate the fact that i envy joe…i really do lol…OH WELL!
    Shake got the shout out…Meka gotta be PISSED!!!

  33. He better watch out. We don’t wanna get too sick of her too soon.

  34. Haha I’m a homo because my opinion of bullshit is your opinion of entertainment ? My man if you’re blind and just go with the current that’s you, but when something is dreadfully obvious Imma point it out. Not to mention her videoes on WSHH talkin about her sucking off and fuckin 2 guys in one day. Bummed it’s not me but life goes on.

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