Nu Jerzey Devil On The 50 Cent/Game Hot 97 Shooting (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Game’s DJ gives his insight as to what happened the moments leading up to the 50/Game splintering. Honestly, I think this was the moment that kicked off Curtis’ downward spiral.


~ by Meka on March 3, 2009.

11 Responses to “Nu Jerzey Devil On The 50 Cent/Game Hot 97 Shooting (Video)”

  1. thought you guys hated Vlad? guess not. lol

  2. this guys a clown

  3. Agreed. Game bodied him and just kept shootin’ the corpse and 50 never, ever had a halfway decent response.

  4. GAME!

  5. not rich still lyin was a good diss song by 50 cent

  6. who’s talking?

  7. 300 bars. enough said! Thats why I’m hesitant to say that Hova will body him like its nothin.

  8. Good idea to be talkin about being on the run at the time.

  9. […] the rest here:  Nu Jerzey Devil On The 50 Cent/Game Hot 97 Shooting (Video) Tags: a matter of time, bestofbothoffices, charles hamilton, g-unot, glc, interview, jadakiss, jay […]

  10. u not the real 50 cent, he went out like a gangsta/
    u went out with olivia, 3 months after wangsta

    game destroyed him. theres over 100 diss songs. phenonmenality

  11. this guy is so full of shit…”ya maan they was shooting at the ground and a bullet grazed my arm and hit dude in the leg…” YA right, I remeber that shit – Game’s boi got shot in the ass. Either way, fif wasnt even beefin with Joe then so Nu Jizzy diva doesnt kno what the fuck he’s talking about.

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