One-2 – Keep Shinin’ (prod. Komplex)

Treacherous Records’ own One-2 drops another banger, produced by Komplex. I advise you not to sleep on dude, he goes the fuck in. And since I can’t find the post with his latest tape (did I not post it?) I included that as well. What up Mickey!? I’m invading your residence sometime this month. Get ready.

DOWNLOAD: One-2 – Keep Shinin’ (prod. Komplex)
BONUS: One-2 – UNO (Mixtape)


~ by Shake on March 3, 2009.

14 Responses to “One-2 – Keep Shinin’ (prod. Komplex)”

  1. Seems to always come hard. Dude lets up.
    Shake you remember that world wide shit he’s tryin to put together?

  2. yep. XPAND.

  3. Beat is fucking baning and One-2 is a BEAST. Dope shit, no dubt.

  4. fuck this nigga. where max b at?

  5. wholy fuck… I cant beleive how good this is, i just listened to the full tape and every song is fuckin sick. One-2 is a rising star for sure, dont fuckin sleep on this mawfucka. real talk


    shake since you going up there to trecherous

    get us some crooked i footage !!!!!!!

  7. […] the original here: One-2 – Keep Shinin’ (prod. Komplex) Tags: all in a day’s work, bestofbothoffices, blu, digiwaxx, freestyle, glc, Hip Hop, keep […]

  8. shit to damn dope him & Crooked I are the next dudes to come out the west real talk

  9. “get us some crooked i footage !!!!!!!”

    i plan on it, along with the rest of the slaughterhouse folk.

  10. used to have this guy on icq when I was like 12…BIG UP UP-TOWN Sweden

  11. “fuck this Nigga. Where max b at?”

    Who cares. Shits weak.

  12. shit is good

  13. proactiv

  14. “we ride on a unicorn”?!?! nah, too much keyboards

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