Rich Girl – 24 Inches (rmx) f. Lloyd Banks

I have no nann idea who Rich Girl is. I just sincerely hope that that person does not look like Rich Boy, otherwise I quit.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Girl – 24 Inches (rmx) f. Lloyd Banks


~ by Meka on March 3, 2009.

9 Responses to “Rich Girl – 24 Inches (rmx) f. Lloyd Banks”

  1. Glad I listened to it…shit’s hot. Guarantee it’s gone be a hit.

  2. hahah funny ass shit meka.
    imma bout to post this on my blawg also.

  3. There’s the original I guess, with Bun B..I got this instrumental already. But, Banks was on point with his flow. And, I’m guessin’ the original been around since last year, but the shit needs to break mainstream.

  4. Oh, and Rich Girl is a group of 4 chicks actually…and trust me..ain’t no Rich Boy goin’ on here lol. Go to this link & you’ll get some info & pics

  5. pretty good. girl groups ain’t wat they used to be tho. idk.

  6. They getting some radio buzz up here in D.C and Md…The original at least.

  7. Dope record- the beat knocks. The joint with Bun is hot too. Guaranteed to be a club banger. Chicks are 4dopegirlz. True story.

  8. […] Rich Girl – 24 Inches (Rmx) f. Lloyd Banks Tags: 2dopeboyz, a matter of time, artwork, bestofbothoffices, charles hamilton, glc, grand royal, […]

  9. these girls are sexy as hell! WOW! Can i get wit atleast one of you’ll? And you’ll can sing? DAMN YOULL TALANTED

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