The Roots & Jimmy Fallon – Slow Jam the News (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The debut of Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon hit the air last night on NBC; the clip above shows Jimmy & The Roots turning news headlines into a slow jam. For those that saw the episode, how do you think it will turn out?


~ by Shake on March 3, 2009.

23 Responses to “The Roots & Jimmy Fallon – Slow Jam the News (Video)”

  1. Pepsi Mic Smash: Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Jay Rock & Raekwon–208569990

  2. I’m a Jimmy Fallon Fan so I watched it and was excited about it. He was mad nervous but once he get’s comfortable I think it’ll be great. He’s got a similar humor to Conan in the sense that it’s like cheesy stuff that makes “him” laugh more than anything. Which is great in my opinion. The fact that the ROOTS are the show’s band is so fuckin dope. But I hope that doesn’t mean they’re too busy to make albums now!?

  3. haha, Jimmy is funny and I agree he is like Conan…the show has really good potential IMO.

    p.s. they need to get the Roots a better set up…it looked kinda boughetto with the one dude standing on the floor and stuff.

  4. Great start! I digs it.

  5. never knew black thought had vocals like dat…

  6. It the roots….

    What more is there to say???…..

  7. jimmy look crazy nervous out there. he was sweating bullets with dinero. it cool though since it was his first show. but the roots were hot. they should just do a roots concert every night while jimmy gets his shit together.

  8. At what point of the show did Mantan and Sleep-N-Eat come out in blackface to do a song and dance with the Alabama Porchmonkeys?

  9. “slow jam the news” was the best part of the show.

  10. Dope, Im going to be tuning in nightly .. werrdd

  11. that shit was tough…bravo for jimmy gettin the roots and props for the roots for killing it….goddamn thats how u make a late nite show….a blunt and this show before i sleep, gold

  12. the roots always bring it.

  13. As a Roots fan, I feel bad for them. I’m sure they are making tons of money but they have this look on their faces like damn…we sold out like a mutha!. Jimmy is funny but this isn’t his nitch. I don’t want to root for failure but it would be nice to have the Roots back on the road and doing shows in L.A.

  14. Yo that was hilarious… I will definitely be tuning in…

  15. Jimmy Did Good, Jimmy Did Good

  16. ‘she added an amendment’…. ha ha ha that line cracked me up

  17. haha I didnt know thought had vocals! Hilarious! lol

  18. “slow jam the news” was the best part of the show.


  19. The Roots did well, as expected. What’s cool is they will still be doin live shows once a week @ the Highline Ballroom in NYC. As far as sellin’ out… no way is this gig indicative of that, as a matter of fact it speaks to thier versatility as well as a testament to thier true musicianship.

  20. “Lick It For 10” was p. great too though, if only by sheer ridiculousness.

    So cool to see The Roots on this type of gig.

  21. how is being a house band selling out? they are still playing the same type of music, very jazzy, very soulful. they’re even still rapping. just b/c an artist becomes successful doesn’t mean that it’s not ok. The Roots are very happy to have this gig, otherwise why would they accept it? Just ask Questo.

  22. Jimmy sucked on his first show but the roots were good

  23. absolutely loved Slow Jam the News – more, more, more

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