A (2)Dope Illa J/J Dilla Contest

To celebrate the recent release of the instrumental version of Illa J’s Yancey Boys, the good folks at Audible Treats have teamed up with your favorite rapper’s favorite website to bring you the “Illa J Remix Contest.” After downloading the hook-included instrumental versions of “R U Listening” and “Showtime,” you will have two weeks to rap your best verses based around the concept of Illa J’s hooks. Then submit your versions of the songs to be judged by Illa J and his label, Delicious Vinyl. Rappers are allowed only one submission per song, which means at most two entries per person. Check out the full details under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: R U Listening (Instrumental)
DOWNLOAD: Showtime (Instrumental)

Entry Dates and Deadlines:

1. The contest opens at 12:00am Eastern Standard time on March 04, 2009 and closes at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on March 17, 2009.  Entries must be received on or before 11:59pm EST on March 17, 2009.

2. The winners will be announced on 2DopeBoyz.com on or by March 31, 2009, two weeks after entry deadline.

To Enter:

Download the hook-included instrumental tracks from (URL here).  Add your own lyrics and send a 320kbps MP3 (44.1Khz Constant Bit Rate, Normal Stereo) file of your remix along with your name and email address to IllaJRemix@Gmail.com. If you are sending entries for both songs, please send each song as a separate email.


1. Both winning submissions will be officially released by Delicious Vinyl as free digital singles for download and announced on 2DopeBoyz.com.

2. Each winner will also receive a 16 bar verse from Illa J for use on their own projects.  Winners will have two weeks to send three completed songs (beat + lyrics), each with 16 bar gaps for Illa J to hear.  Illa J will choose one song of the three from each winner and record an original 16 bar verse.  Each winner will then be able to use the song in any format as they see fit.


~ by Meka on March 4, 2009.

41 Responses to “A (2)Dope Illa J/J Dilla Contest”

  1. this is some classy shit. i wish people did things along this nature more often.

  2. I’ma Have To Fuckz With This…

  3. Yeah, concept is excellent.

    Though I feel bad for Illa J, he’s not all that one the mic, this has gotta sting, haha. But he probably realized, seeing he’s one of the judges.

  4. awww shit let me see if i can win one. im 0-1 on the 2dope contests

  5. cool stuff… hmmmm maybe i should…

  6. I might submit for the fuck of it. Im on Spring Break next week anyway. Haha

  7. after not getting to the studio in time for the vimby contest i kinda wanna do this one. i wanna rock that r u listening jam but…i’m not from detroit lol…ughh

  8. can’t wait.

  9. I may submit something for this…

  10. that “showtime” beat is all mine…haha…shake, meka..see u on the 31st

  11. I guess I’ll enter this.

  12. […] 16 bar verse. Each winner will then be able to use the song in any format as they see fit. A (2)Dope Illa J/J Dilla Contest 2dopeboyz __________________ THE ILL BLOG: http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com My […]

  13. ive been lovin the smoothness of yancey boys since i first heard it, so ill definitely have to hit this up.

  14. uhhh oh…haven’t confirmed it but this is right up Coalition alley..http://languageartz.com/media/POWER%20MOVES.zip for a preview of what may come..

  15. i guess ill tell on every nigga usin this beat

  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  17. i sweaaaaaaaar im gonna win this !!! real talk. 1

  18. I got tracks too…

    Check me out @ http://www.brotherel.com


  19. Heres my first attempt, enjoy


    more @ marionwrite.com

  20. It wont let me download

  21. Please submit all contest entries to IllaJRemix@gmail.com to make sure that they are included in the judging process. Please refer to the rules for further details.

  22. […] Two winners, one for each song, will be chosen. Delicious Vinyl will officially release both winning submissions as digital singles for free download. Each winner will also each receive one unique 16 bar verse recorded personally by Illa J for inclusion on whichever personal project(s) they choose. So… Got the skills to hang with the Yancey Boys? To enter the contest, or for further information about the contest, including download links for the two hook-included instrumentals, rules, deadlines, and prizes click here […]

  23. consider it dun…matter of fact, its a wrap…

  24. Marion Write that was a dope track dude.

  25. thats chill.

  26. Heres my entry (i sent it in to the site) just wanted 2 show it off here, why not.

  27. thanks folks… ill post song 2 in a bit

  28. […] This is pretty rad! Illa J/J Dilla Contest: […]

  29. […] single, as well as receive a 16 bar Illa J verse on their best original beat. From the looks of the 2dopeboyz comments, you’re going to have a lot of […]

  30. Illecism. All day.

  31. http://www.zshare.net/audio/569578525b413246/

    take a listen…dont sleep on the kid

  32. here’s my unfinished one

  33. Elementality representative EAST up in this…


  34. “Entries must be received on or before 11:59pm EST on March 17, 2009.”

  35. Here’s my drop for Showtime


  36. The Big Kids are definitley ripped this up, Illa J ft. TBK soooo dope

  37. Props to Illa J, 2dopeboyz, Delicious Vinyl and of course the man of the century Jay Dee for the opportunity. Get em John!

  38. Damn…got me feeling like I’m the only one who went in over “R U Listening” haha.

    Well, we’ll see what happens on the 31st! Good luck everyone!

  39. Damn… I didn’t see this contest till today cause I just started checking this site… I’ma still do this shit and put it out there.

  40. borngenius took this


    upcoming artists hit me up to be featured on the blog. click my name. its a new blog but imma trynna be known so i can get you known

  41. yo Dmack hit me up bro, preciate the love

    click the link on my name

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