Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.2-3 (Video)

Part three of Kanye’s time on the Wake Up Show hit the internets a few days ago. Ye & Sway talk about Jay-Z (from being the best rapper ever, the Jockin’ Jay-Z sample, Blueprint 3, etc), 50 Cent and more. And since I was sleeping… part two is above (while three is after the jump). Fuck it… late!


~ by Shake on March 4, 2009.

21 Responses to “Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.2-3 (Video)”

  1. real talk

  2. All bullshit aside you gotta respect that man’s passion… You can feel the love he has for music while other cats like 50 only talk about record sales & marketing plans…

  3. YESS yu finally realize this…late.

  4. smh

  5. this man Kanye is a great talker

  6. i like it when kanye says something smart, knows it, and smiles proudly. he’s really proud of himself.

  7. i feel 50 not really dissing ppl like he being real like kanye say but 50 vs. ricky, well we all noe 50 took that. kanye a good speaker.

  8. damn who can hate on kanye? dude is real talk.

  9. this dude is smart
    metaphors for days

  10. This cat definitely redeems himself when he’s able to sit down and give very smart answers.

  11. i’ve never not liked kanye but a lot of “only pure hip-hop fans” obviously got problems with dude. i know so many people trippin off of him not rappin and his fashion sense like… i’m like “ya’ll kidding me?” grow up yo. lol

  12. feelings are the only facts… when he broke that down especially the last 30 seconds of the video, kanye is a really introspective dude for real.

  13. lol Ye gets me more excited about BP3 than Jay does.

  14. Don’t worry Shake, we don’t even check the other blogs, so, fuck it’ if it’s late, for real! 😉
    Kanye is only hated by people who don’t know him (as in interviews, albums, blog statements, etc)

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  16. I thought he went crazy. This guy is sane as sht lol. Kanye doing him, and not really caring if people dont like it. When will other artists get with the honesty?

  17. Dude explains analogies with analogies.

  18. […] guess just like Shake we were sleeping around here when these dropped, oh well.. better late than never no? They speak on tons of things, and since I […]

  19. […] PREVIOUS: Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.2-3 […]

  20. What is that BEAT! The one playing between 1:30-1:45

  21. Follow up/correction: Looking for the beat on Ep. 2 between about :40-1:45

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