Lil Wayne x Drake (Video)

No, the two aren’t on a another track together. Rather they both had recent interviews. Above Lil Wayne chops it up with Jimmy Kimmel (the night he premiered the Prom Queen video). Pretty entertaining interview imo. Drake’s conversation went down with Canada’s MuchMusic. The embed is giving me issues so you can watch it here. And if you wanna get your read on, do that here.


~ by Shake on March 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “Lil Wayne x Drake (Video)”

  1. looks a lil cowboy to me

  2. Pretty funny…

  3. Yea it was funny as hell

  4. LMAO
    ‘well my grandmother’

    wu remixes FIRE

  6. Ha, Wayne does a good interview. Even his ESPN shots are pretty good the way he carries people making fun of him right to his face – I find it entertaining.

  7. the bitches are cheering.

  8. […] See more here: Lil Wayne x Drake (Video) […]

  9. Here is the link to the new prom queen video

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