Slaugtherhouse – Fight Club

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While you enjoy MTV’s Crooked I interview up top, I’m gonna enjoy that song down bottom. Apparently this new Slaughterhouse track was just recorded last night.

DOWNLOAD: Slaugtherhouse – Fight Club | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 4, 2009.

40 Responses to “Slaugtherhouse – Fight Club”

  1. link ain’t workin rite now.

  2. Works now?

    This is banging.


  4. HOLY FUCK !!!!

  5. “I don’t touch guns I draw with telekinesis” – Crooked I


  6. I’m still kind of shocked he almost got assassinated.

    Dope song. Joell sounds vicious. Crooked and Royce came with the dopeage.

  7. AHH track is dope.
    Shit I think he got shot. He doesn’t want to go threw that whole police shit.
    but it’s whatever.

  8. Shiiiiiiit…I hope they do end up doing a whole album full of shit like this…

  9. If they don’t do a album I would consider it all a waste. 2dope to let tracks accumulate dust.
    Paid dues. Hope I can actually make it this year.

  10. canada loses again on the video. dope track though.

  11. There Doing An Album It’s Goin Down 100% U Kan Bet On It
    I Was Wondering Till I Asked Royce And He Said 100% It Was Going Down =D…

  12. yea cant watch outside us wtfff
    can you fix that somehow ???

    i wanna watch it

  13. Fuck these haters crook!
    Keep Grinding homie…
    Karma is a bitch for that nigga who tried kill Crook!

    Crooked has many goonies so he good..

  14. “This Fiscal year imma stay hot buzzin/with dudes that help me shoot like a-rod cousin” Joey is a beast!

  15. Crazy !!

  16. Imagine if 3 stacks joined Slaughterhouse….
    Oh n dis shit’s off the hook, but you didnt need me to tell ya dat!

  17. Off the hook! Royce is quickly turnin into my favourite MC!

  18. shit crook, i aint no internet soldier, i’m a real soldier….if you need shooters holla at me…….

  19. man, that would’ve been a hell of a loss… shout out to Crooked!

  20. best SH yet

  21. WOWWWWWWWWWWW when joell switches it up after 2:00….


    i gota thank 2dopeboyz for getting me into each of these 4 individually, and i wana thank u guys for bringing us this slaughterhouse stuff! so good man. i cant listen to new hip hop w/o this site

  22. dope

  23. dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, royce is killin it

  24. Personally, Move On>this, but it’s still a great track and I’m always welcome to hearing music from any of these four.

    btw, I’ve asked this question a lot, but to no avail: When do you guys (Shake/Meka) think the final version of Wale’s Chillin is droppin?

  25. its been out. they play it on the radio lol

  26. quickV is Lady Gaga on it?

  27. is there more to that interview some where?

  28. damn quotables out the ass…they spazzed on this

  29. i hear the radio, don’t listen to it

  30. Beat is uhhh ok but they delivered lyrically as usual!

  31. That’s all I needed today. I was wondering when I was going to get something downloadable.

    Is it just me or is anyone else realizing how much Amazing music has come out and we’re only in March. Just to name a few Slaughterhouse, Drake, Quest, Nero,etc.. We have been priviledged. We better support these guys because the gripe used to be that all we were getting was wack music, now we;re getting quality from right and left.

  32. This shit is dope and what makes it better is the fact it was recorded last night.

    Joe Budden’s twitter: “slaughterhouse session………. NOW !!!!” about 19 hours ago from web

    “i’m bout to leak this shit…. quick draw McGraw…. niggaz cant fuck with us !!! tell a friend.. WE OUTTA HERE !!!!!!!!!!” about 18 hours ago from web

  33. Everybody killed it as usual another CLASSIC track! Good to hear my mans Crooked I is alright now & still going in on the mic!

  34. Damn…damn…this is vicious

  35. This Shit Is Dope!!!! Have not heard a Slaughterhouse wack song cant go wrong
    Still confused about why crooked i can say if he did or didnt get shot what code of the street is he talking about? Snitching? They havent ask him who shot u or shot at u they just want to know if he did or didnt get shot
    Dat being said glad dude is OK he got bars for days respect dude alot n the rest of slaughterhouse for their grind n their music

  36. @ Silencer,

    The code he’s referring to is admitting that you did get shot, then police have the right to seek you out for a statement.

    It’d be like if you got shot, drove yourself to the hospital to get treated, the people at the hospital, by law, have to report it to the police for statements and whatnot. So basically, if you don’t want law enforcement involved in your hood activities, then you don’t admit what really went down.

    So at this point, the police can’t really take a statement from Crooked because he ain’t admitting that he was shot.

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  38. ok ok so basically he did get shot then he just dont want to admit it to get the cops involve
    just thought it was weird cuz 99% of rappers would of been like yeah i got shot n made a song about it n shit already

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  40. […] Slaughterhouse Talk GOAT Diss Records (Video) | Slaughterhouse – Fight Club | Move On: Behind the Scenes […]

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