Termanology – A-List Radio Freestyle (Video)

Okay folks, who’s the iller Latino, Joell or Term? I even added a poll down below.


~ by Meka on March 4, 2009.

17 Responses to “Termanology – A-List Radio Freestyle (Video)”

  1. Eddie Torres, NY Undercover forever.

  2. Ortiz >>>>

    Term is too hit or miss for me…he had producer who were behind MANY classic albums put together his album and he was a disappointment still..he good but very inconsistent..

  3. *producers

  4. damn i miss that show

  5. termanology is horrible. if u dig deep into his lil flow he doesn’t say a damn thing. i bought his album hoping for the best and i was thoroughly disappointed. this freestyle is bleh. just him rambling saying nothing. whats sad is that this was written and i heard freestyles off the top with better lines

  6. Joell by miles…

  7. No disrespect to Term at all but Joell is light years ahead of him(and 99.9718 of all other rappers too).

  8. Term is too nice for Joell…

  9. Term prior to his recent album, his 6 mixtapes when he was really spitting > Joell Ortiz’s entire catalogue from now until infinite

  10. I think both are dope but Terms album disappointed me especially getting all them producers and not delivering. The Brick mean while was way better and the production was not that good. If Joell had the producers that Term got for his next album it would probably be a classic.

  11. nether immortal technique is …. revolutionary volume 2 is a beautiful experience …

  12. They both Tight, But Joell is Iller. They both better than Cudi. He sucks and I ain’t afraid to say it. Y’all are brainwashed. With Wackness.

  13. Term holds down Massachusetts, but its easily Joell

  14. Joell between them two, but with with all this term talk why not throw nino bless into this poll?

  15. I agree with LaDo he hit it dead on, as did others. He’s good and he been grindin but skill wise and album wise….Joell…Landslide…

  16. joell got it.
    hip hop prayed and god gave pun right back

  17. Raw spit Term will eat him, a good track Joell will win

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