Tyga – Outraged & Underage (Mixtape)

Boom. The homie DJ Ill Will just hit me with Tyga’s latest mixtape, presented by himself & DJ Rockstar. 14 original Tyga cuts for ya’ll to enjoy. A warm up to his sophomore album, The Introduction, which is expecting a mid 2009 release. Young Money!

1. Outraged & Underage Intro
2. The Window
3. Breaktime f. Lil Wayne
4. Smoke Dro f. Amber Melody
5. Test Tube Baby (Skit)
6. Test Tube Baby
7. Live Forever
8. Sayin This
9. Stampede*
10. Cali Love
11. Circus Souvenir
12. Cuts Up f. Schoolboy Q
13. La La La Boom
14. Fuck U Up Skit
15. Fuck It Up Song
16. Tyga Outro

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Outraged & Underage (Mixtape)

*An updated version with Drake is on it’s way and you already know who will have that exclusive for ya’ll when it’s time. I’m expecting heat, Drizzy will demolish that beat!


~ by Shake on March 4, 2009.

29 Responses to “Tyga – Outraged & Underage (Mixtape)”

  1. FIRST

    The kid can spit

  2. Awesome mixtape!! Circus Souvenir goes hard!!

  3. !!!TYGA!!!

  4. Yeahhhhh!
    The Tyga man is coming strong baby!

  5. ^^^ Pause?

  6. lmao first album was called “No Introduction” and it flopped SUPER hard so he decided that he needs a introduction lmfao. thats classic

  7. ^^^^ shit! I just realised that! LMAO!

    All credit to dude though, I thought that Coconut song was pretty cool especially in the club but I dunno if he will hit mega stardon.

  8. should i really download this?

  9. *An updated version with Drake is on it’s way and you already know who will have that exclusive for ya’ll when it’s time. I’m expecting heat, Drizzy will demolish that beat!

    i was about to sayyyy how is Tyga on Young Money & not gonna have a cut with Drake on this mixtape.
    phewww thank god the little guy wised up.

  10. Dope, thanks Shake… Tyga been really spittin as of late! cant wait to bump this!!

  11. should i really download this?

    Ms. Hiphopaholic said this on March 4, 2009 at 7:10 am

    no, honestly you shouldnt. horrible music, just terrible to the ear.

  12. the best tracks leaked already, but i like to have shit under a mixtape/album and not just as singles. so i downloaded.

  13. Tyga is pretty good, so I’ll check it out.

  14. This guy still eating money?

  15. sometimes this nigga say some wack shit but hes nice most the time as of late
    tyga n drake tha future of ym

  16. *waits for 3 days for the release of stampede wit drake*

  17. Man dis mixtape smh, dis mixtape rite here uhhhhhhh,THIS MIXTAPE IZ CRACK(REAL TALK),yall need 2 give this nikka hiz props for dis one, he iz da future of rap(NO LIE) so as clipse,curren$y,kanye,wayne,kid cudi,drake, n da king remians on da top(NaS)….but for real for real 2dopeboyz u need to real dis mixtape wit no dj and release da clipse new song……..all yall hating on tyga den go listen 2 yall favorite artist(soulji boy lmfao)……..

  18. all im sayin is stampede with drake will be da shit
    drizzy baby

  19. man, youd expect a wayne cameo on like every other song like drizzy did..tyga is workin hard

  20. […] Download Here [Via Shake] […]

  21. He pulled a fast one on people because he sent put information that he has a track with him and Drake so automatically people would be checkin 4 this mixtape, Now all of a sudden “No Drake. The track will be released days later” Please I digs Tyga but he basically tried to gain fans off of this nigga Drake.

  22. theres not to many life choices that effect my musical taste but that video of tyga letting wayne get near him with a tatoo needle confirms the no download

  23. this tape, this man, this group are the future of music, they have come up with a kind of hiphop that has what youd call musical gold, it appeals to all, it has substance, and it has fun, look out for this bubble to burst and be everywhere soon, tyga is going to be the top of the top

  24. drake > tyga

    wasnt drake supposed to be on stampede?

  25. “wasnt drake supposed to be on stampede?”


  26. sick tape! tyga tyga on the comeup!!

  27. lolol whens drake coming!?

  28. This tape is actually pretty hot mannnn. Consider my hat tipped to Tyga on this one.

  29. soooooo goood…an unexpected

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