Wiz Khalifa – Stanky Leg Freestyle

Khalifa Man drops some lines over my man Andreas’ favorite record of 2009 haha. Off his upcoming mixtape, Flight School, dropping later this month. Flight School aye, sounds familiar*.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Stanky Leg Freestyle

*No Ideas Original © Nas. No Shots.


~ by Shake on March 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – Stanky Leg Freestyle”

  1. love his flow, and the “flight school” mixtape name was a fan recommendation, his original idea was “mr. president”

  2. the flow on this was way natural, i dig.

  3. he decided on flight school before the song

  4. im not worried about Wiz, but Shake, there are ppl out there that actually like the Stanky Leg? i guess i just dont get it.

  5. Flight School was definitely the title of his tape before the kanye/tpain dropped……….so dont hate

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  7. i kno niggas (sadly) that swear “Stanky Leg” is that ish… thats y i dont fuck with the radio anymore

  8. man i swear if i hear ” ’08 was great but ’09 is mine” one more time imma flip

  9. ^^^^

    i feel you completely, ha.

    Wiz Khalifa, man haven’t heard anything for dude in a while.

  10. Khalifa man!!!!! We droppin that mixtape soon enough!!! (Not “Flight School” lol Coming with a different tape)

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