Drake – Successful (rmx) f. Young Chris & Trey Songz

Young C lends some bars to one of my favorite cuts off Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape. Shouts to DJ Ian!

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Successful (rmx) f. Young Chris & Trey Songz | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 5, 2009.

20 Responses to “Drake – Successful (rmx) f. Young Chris & Trey Songz”

  1. maybe young chris on the song will help me like drake.

    so far i really, truthfully, HONESTLY…do not see what the hype is all about with drake

    yes i got so far gone and comeback season.

    nothing in comparison to
    Blu, Wale, CH, Kid Cudi

    i dunno maybe he just not my steeze…young chris is fire though

  2. drake >>>>>>> ch & kid cudi


  3. co-sign Shake. Thanks for the drop.

  4. LOVE IT!!!

  5. track is still pure dope…

  6. Kid cudi > All

  7. cudi’s overrated imo.

  8. Cudi is very overrated.
    I saw him live this past summer… and when he did “Super Boo,” me and my niggas literally laughed. Like the shit sounded funny. But fuck it man, hope he makes good cake. But yeah DEFINITELY Drake over Cudi.

  9. ^^^^ shake i agree… BUT i still like the music he makes…well some of it…IDK if that make sense tho lol

    BUT THIS SHIT IS CRAZYYYYYY ILL…. im still bumpng 30verses in 30 Days

  10. yeah im new to drake…but after doin some homework on dude… yeah hes topin the mojority of them on that list….def better than CH or Cudi

  11. ive been on Kid Cudi since like last January but i take dude 4 wat he is…a talented artist but a below average lyricist.. dude got die hard fans already like he is the next greatest MC but he aint, he is a Pop-Hop artist that makes good music…Hip-Hop might be changin but it’ll always have lyrics…i like his ish but if it wasnt 4 that Crookers mix in the clubs he’d still be a nobody…

    Drake>>>>Kid Cudi,Sonic

  12. So far gone did it for me, Drake has this flow that’s very laid back but at the same time he goes hard, I don’t know if im explaining it right or not but either way Drake is on heavy rotation on my ipod.

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  14. why u got a neyo pic on this post tho lol.. And drake could b another budden, over exposed on the net, decent mixd tapes but thats as far as it goes..

  15. Fuck you talkin about Neyo??? That’s Young Chris. Dude are you serious??????

  16. If anyone could actually listen to any of the freshmen top 10 (except Mickey Facts, Wale n maybe Currensy) and actualy say that their better than Drake is deaf!

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  18. Yuck. All this Drake-slobber is gettin’ nasty.

  19. Haven’t really listened to Drake at all till this & I like this joint but the main reason I like it’s because of my dude Young Chris! Chris real nice on the mic & made this track real listenable like he always does with tracks he jumps on! We need that Now Or Never album from Chris already it’s long overdue!

  20. yo this song is fucking serious WOW…
    C for C nigga…
    am i the only one still bump that 30v in 30d ??!?

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