G. Dep – Make It Rain


Remember this guy? Because I’m sure Diddy doesn’t!

G. Dep & Black Rob > The Cam’Ron-less Diplomats.

DOWNLOAD: G. Dep – Make It Rain | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “G. Dep – Make It Rain”

  1. Pretty whack!

  2. Damn, that nigga looks out of it in that pic…lol

  3. Head Over Wheels is still one of my all-time fav joints…obviously, this has nothing on that.

  4. Word to the Greater Than

  5. Its all gravy baby i got it all smothered, like makeup, i got it all covered.

    Id like to hear more G-Dep. Diddy did that dude wrong

  6. […] See the original post: G. Dep – Make It Rain […]

  7. g-dep is one of my fave spittas from new york.. real dope

  8. Good stuff, his voice is like gravel

  9. feel bad for dude no1 is gonna remember him for anything other han the special delivery joint but this joints hot dude has hurt in his heart and you can hear it dudes real hope he can get up

  10. Damn that nigga look mad dusty in that pic…I heard the rumors…guess that nigga is on that shit.

  11. .Bad Boy artists trying to resurect his self. Diddy doesn’t care about his artist only his producers, as you’ve seen they get paid on time and still have careers.

  12. Yep this is pretty dope G. Dep always been a favorite of mine & he is one of the greatest cats in not only Harlem but of NY rappers I listen to! It’s to bad that he probably will always only end up being remembered for just that Special Delivery joint!

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