Method Man & Redman – A Yo

New Mef & Red! Blackout 2, probably coming in 2011 soon! BoBO!

DOWNLOAD: Method Man & Redman – A Yo | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 5, 2009.

17 Responses to “Method Man & Redman – A Yo”

  1. heyo!

  2. greatest post since i’ll be dat

  3. yessssss

  4. AWESOME! lets see how the songs is…

  5. more great news! the song is ill

  6. yeah I hope this album comes out in the next couple of months. Wu-tang is 4ever (and so is def squad). The first blackout was amazing. Hope they got premo on there like Red said. Of course I hope Erick Sermon, RZA, some of the Wu-Elements producers, etc. are on there as well.

  7. Oh my God..this shit is CRAZY!!!! So many quotables here. And the beat is on point. Like the hook too. Perfect track.

  8. Oh…thank you much.

  9. I just shit myself

  10. dope

  11. I read somewhere that these two are lovers.

  12. […] Originally posted here:  Method Man & Redman – A Yo […]

  13. not felling the r&b hook…that shit is fucking up a great track

  14. sweeeeeeeet – this shit has made my weekend!

  15. Damn this that real true Hip-Hop we need right now! Meth & Red always come correct together! Shit made my day yesterday & my whole weekend! Can’t stop listening to it & wait for their new album!

  16. re-up?

  17. i got you

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