Michael Jackson Announces His Comeback (Video)

Give a fluck what people say, this man has been one of the GOATs ever since he jumped on the scene decades ago. And let’s keep it 100: Off The Wall and Thriller > 90% of the albums released since those two. Oh, and the United States lost.


~ by Meka on March 5, 2009.

30 Responses to “Michael Jackson Announces His Comeback (Video)”

  1. according to 2dopeboyz today:

    beating women = not ok.
    sexually molesting children = ok

    not that either one of those are ok with me.

  2. *dead @ dude at the 1:02 mark hahaha

  3. Oh shit sooon! I’m with you on this one.
    Michael Jackson – The real GOAT.

  4. Damn Em and Michael both making returns, 2009 = year of the white boy comeback

  5. smh at the dude’s goin apeshit in the front row about to cry.

  6. *dead @ dude at the 1:02 mark hahaha

    How gay could you get..I tell ya.

  7. if CB made music half as good as the guy in the vid above did then he’d get a “Get Out of Jail Free” pass from ppl but nope, he doesnt…his career is over…MJ lost millions of fans after the cases but when u make music like he did, ur still gonna have fans..i still fuck with Thriller and Off the Wall ish on the reg, but not any of CB’s ish since like 07…

  8. Why you go and make this MJ post into a CB post? You went & done it now…

  9. Scary

  10. people don’t deserve get out of jail free passes for raping kids… i dont care if his music makes me auto-orgasm… and he’s just a freak show now… /end rant

  11. Always liked Dangerous best, oddly enough.

  12. Is it me or does this look like a t.v comedy skit

  13. ^^^^ i gotta agree with Stric this jount does look fake.lol.


  15. yes!

  16. Michael Jackson is the only person I know that has made enough of an impact to make grown ass men lose their minds and act like pre-teen fangirls. Whatever you think about him, MJ is the GOAT.

  17. damm

  18. he’s back..and now he’s muslim too..he’ll prolly get T-Pain and kanye to help him out lol

  19. people don’t deserve get out of jail free passes for raping kids… i dont care if his music makes me auto-orgasm… and he’s just a freak show now… /end rant

    word. if someone’s music made me auto-orgasm i would probably give them a jail free pass because they would have saved me a lot of time in my life spent fapping. i could prob be a millionaire if i spent the fapping time, studying.

  20. mike aint touch them kids nigga!

    mike, welcome back nigga!

  21. This doesn’t even sound like Michael, ha

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  23. Wow you’re really going out on a limb there Meka. Michael Jackson a great artist… Thriller a great album. Very daring

  24. Thriller is great. However, having a theme park on your property for lots of kids to come play on…not so great.

  25. yeaaa dis shit look funny..i dont think its offical

  26. I always thought the whole kid stuff was iffy but I didn’t believe it. The media man, they just wanted to take this guy down and they did…Hard!!! Pause pause pause pause

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  28. Talk about surreal…

  29. Same people talking shit about MJ are the kids that were scared of the Thriller video.


  30. That was fucking bizarre.

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