Mick Boogie Presents Mateo – Underneath the Sky (Mixtape)

I tried to download this tape since earlier today but it just wasn’t happening (blame it on the alchohal internet connection). Now it’s 1am and I finally got through my first listen. Not bad not bad. I do appreciate the substance the project expresses though. And the guest spots (Shawn Chystopher & Fashawn) don’t hurt either. So hit the jump and enjoy.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Story intro
2. Ooh N Love
3. Live Your Life / Get Out of My Mind (Mateo Mix)
4. Say You Will (Intro)
5. Say You Will (Mateo Mix) f. Fashawn*
6. Coldest Winter / Static (Mateo Mix)
7. Underneath the Sky f. Shawn Chrystopher*

DOWNLOAD: Mick Boogie Presents Mateo – Underneath the Sky (Mixtape)

*If you’re just looking for these two tracks, you can hit up eskay who provided solo links for each cut.


~ by Shake on March 5, 2009.

10 Responses to “Mick Boogie Presents Mateo – Underneath the Sky (Mixtape)”

  1. Dope cover art and a mick boogie cosign are enough for me.

  2. this is great, first ive heard of him know of any other stuff he has done?

  3. Yea he has another mixtape called Makin’ My Space

  4. Where can we get more of his music?

  5. […] Read more from the original source: Mick Boogie Presents Mateo – Underneath the Sky (Mixtape) […]

  6. Tight pants are for girls!!!

    From those two joints on nahright this is some hipster bullsh*t. I’m seriously questioning your ability to distinguish music from wackness Shake. As well as what is criteria for something to be declared “not bad”.

    oh and Tight pants are for girls!!!!

  7. No need to the guy above for that comment. Thats no way to treat a guy that is coming out of the closet or a guy that buys girl jeans because he say lil wayne, fabolous, or juelz santana wearing them. Either way tight jeans look best on girls. Tight jeans are for thick asses unless you are tahiry. Then u you need spandex and a astronaut suit.

  8. […] Mick Boogie Presents Mateo – Underneath the Sky (Mixtape) Mick Boogie präsentiert das neue Mixtape von Mateo “Underneath The Sky Ch. 1″ mit Features von Fashawn, Static und Shawn Chrystopher. […]

  9. Mick Boogie; a legend, Shawn Chrys and Fashawn a few of my fav musicians right now.

  10. its called chapter 1 so hopefully a chapter 2 will be dropping soon

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