Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle

It’s too bad certain artists don’t really live what they spit. Deeper Than Rap coming March 24th when Def Jam lets him drop it. Shouts to Papa Smirf.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 5, 2009.

30 Responses to “Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle”

  1. link doesnt work!!

    sends it to the pic

  2. use mediafire dude

  3. Oh Ross is fhucking up. Def Jam might seriously end up backing out on his album.
    Plus this shit sucked

  4. https://2dopeboyz.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/20090305ross.jpg great song

  5. HAHAHA OFFICER RICKY, You better do something now, talking all that shit. Just stop try diss fiddy you aint gon do shit nikka

  6. retract that statement get us maybach music pt 2

  7. deeper than rap droppin april 21st

  8. Yea the only thing Im interested in is Maybach Music 2, this guy has been a joke as of late…and I even liked some songs on Trilla -smh-

  9. whoops.
    links fixed now (the mediafire always worked btw).
    since i messed up, i added another cut off the album.

  10. BONUS: Rick Ross – Rich Off Cocaine *cough* bullshit *cough*

    ^^ LMFAO

  11. Rich Off Cocaine is nice

  12. yea, i dont understand why they exposed him as a CO and he is trying to go further into the “gangster life” (‘mafia music’ ‘cocaine made me rich’ ‘cigar music’ etc). Its ass backwards, why would you do that? WE ALL KNOW YOUR FAKE, OFFICER ROSS!

  13. Is this guy leaking his whole album?

  14. yo dopeboyz…

    that rich off cocaine joint is the same joint that leaked like 2 weeks ago…on top of the world ft. avery storm

  15. and you guys posted it then too…

  16. dah well. i didnt listen to that one haha.

  17. lol nah its straight, i saw this title floating around earlier and I knew it sounded familiar.

  18. i’d buy 5 ross albums before 1 curtis album………although officer ricky is being destroyed by G-unit in the internet beef right now, curtis hasn’t put out anything decent since get rich or die tryin.

  19. I didn’t listen to “On Top of the World” either lol

  20. and I’m buying Ross’ & Curtis’ albums

  21. Bawwsseeee…u lil munkee.

    Deeper than Fiction

  22. Shake, can i get that cocaine song…cant find it..im semi stupid (didnt want to use retarded m.s.) also shake were u referencing u are sad some artists (like officer ricky) dont do what they spit in reference 1. to that u want him to jump out a window or 2. that you wish he ran a big drug cartel like he said, had money, and didnt have an illegitmate child, and jewerly wasnt loaned..(btw all exposed by Fiddy) ? thanks masta

  23. cant you just enjoy the music?

  24. TANM… “cocaine music” is really “on top of the world”


  25. rick ross is the most prolific musical talent in the last 100 years.

  26. every song has a 50 cent diss. officer ricky is mad as hell.

  27. i love the 2dopeboyz blog but cmon what the fuck.. why do you post rick ross shit?? honestly. rick fucking ross. makes me sick just to say his name

  28. […] Original post: Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle […]

  29. God damn what’s with all the hate… Jesus get a life people! It’s like y’all can’t wait to see his name to talk shit but soon as 50 comes with a medicore or wak song y’all acept it with open arms. Just judge music for what it is and stop judging because you hate someone.

    I don’t like 50 or Ricky but if I hear a hot song from either of them I’m gon bump it and give them the respect due for the song instead of finding creative ways to crack jokes or talk shit about ’em. Damn!

  30. Ross’s career has jumped out the window. I can’t wait till his album drops and flops; so he can shut the hell up.

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