Slaughterhouse Talk GOAT Diss Records (Video)

Foundation Mag chops it up with the Slaughterhouse crew to discuss the best diss records of all time.


~ by Shake on March 5, 2009.

29 Responses to “Slaughterhouse Talk GOAT Diss Records (Video)”

  1. Budden>> Jay

  2. saigon lol……….MALCOM X & WHO GOT BODIED by royce and the DMX diss hip hop weekly by crooked……

  3. ^ right. but personaly i’d say The Bitch in you was dope. Take over Either> But i loved Blupeprint 2(the song)IMO jay TORE nas up on that…. but it wasn’t really a diss song.

  4. But i loved Blupeprint 2(the song)IMO jay TORE nas up on that…. but it wasn’t really a diss song.

    dviousmindZ said this on March 5, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    YOOO i agree with you…he def ate him up on that
    but not too many knows about that song…so that they say he “lost” smh…JAY-Z ALLLL DAYYYY!!!!!!! lol

  5. just because a nigga wear kufi it dont mean that he bright ( ouccchhh)

    and your little homie jungle is a garden to me. owwww
    jay-z >

  6. canibus 2nd round ko..crazy..ill beat..tyson on the song..lyrical..pure dopeness

  7. easy answer: hit em up…easily best diss song ever made

  8. hit em up was ite, but so manny more diss tracks are more lyrical and arent weighted down by shitty guests. Big outshined him in one line “If Faith had twins she’d probably have tu-pacs get it…two…pacs”.

  9. I’m glad somebody said 2nd Round K.O. I ain’t even a big Canibus fan like most of these internet dudes, but that record is in a different stratosphere as far as disses go.

    “yo I’ma let the world know the truth, you don’t want me to shine. you studied my rhymes then you laid your vocals after mine. that’s a bitch move, something that a homo rapper would do so when you say that you platinum you only droppin clues”

    It’s one thing to rip apart another artist of equal merit, but for a young kid that didn’t nobody know (outside of mixtape listeners), to rip apart a LEGEND and a man who is known for ending careers…. shit that’s a whole different level of dope right there.

  10. 2nd Round Knockout > everything and anything Slaughterhouse will ever spit

    Anyone else feeling like these cats weak together? I mean their versus solo and when collaborating were ill everything they dropped as a group has been just horrible, bad beats, no concept, bad chemistry, supar versus like the fucking nysync of hip hop shits wack

    Royce & Elzhi Album > Garbagehouse

  11. Of course Crooked I likes Bitch In You. It’s dissed Cube one of the west coast heads he got beef with. Though I do agree that’s a hot diss.

    Ether for me still holds a high place just for the passion in the record alone.

    Budden seemed high as fuck.

  12. ^^^ Didn’t Crooked first say that he liked No Vaseline? You’re reaching.

  13. never knew crooked had “beef” wit ice cube….

  14. I mean then didn’t even mention 2nd Rd Knockout WOW!!!
    That has to be top 5 if not top 3 diss record of ALL time!

    I mean given the odds of a unestablished mc at the time (Canabis) going AT legend already at the time (LL Cool J) is extremely difficult thing to do. That’s damn near suicide and he managed to destroy LL not just win with line or two he won by a extreme landslide. He demolished LL hands down! That’s like a golden glove fighting a Muhammad Ali when he was champ in his prime!

  15. I do have to admit I can’t completely judge this convo because they didn’t completely discuss the issue of diss records.

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  18. Hmm… Jay-z went from Jordan to Kobe…hmm…well,at least he didn’t come back a shadow of himself…he is still beastly…

  19. I have to say No Vaseline. Cube shut the whole crew up with that one. Whenever they asked any of N.W.A. about that song,they wouldin`t say shit.

  20. i really really think ‘dollaz & sense’ is up there. DJ Quik destroyed MC Eiht. has to be mentioned

  21. oh my god,none of yall has mentiond 300 bars n runnin,yall r sick man,that distryed the whole g unit man.The fact that it was long with sensible lyrics makes it the best diss song

  22. Kool Moe Dee > LL: Let’s Go

  23. As DJ Quik said to MC Eiht, you left out the ‘g’ cause the ‘g’ ain’t in you

  24. MALCOLM X HANDS DOWN OR WHO GOT BODIED or that diss to 2 joe budden

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  26. ether? what do you say when somebody gets ripped to shreds? he got ethered.

  27. Shake (or somebody) can you give me a answer on how the position between Sai and Joell is?
    I have trobules with understanding if Joell in these interviews talk shit about him or if they cool. Anybody?

  28. Tough decision.

    But to this day Pac’s Hit Em’ Up still gets me hyped as fuck.
    If I throw some Pac on befor a fight if I got that chance to, I’m bringin out the Devils Beast.

  29. It’s wild how they just dismissed ether like that though. It’s got to be up there with the best if it turns into a phrase for somebody gettin done in. But all the shit they named was dope.

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