The Game – Bootleg Kev Interview (Video)

Looks like Jayceon’s sporting the Freeway look nowadays. Anyways, he talks about his take on Rihanna and Chris Brown, Jay-Z the Rick Ross/50 Cent bullshit saga and declares he will not be retiring and will have an album out in September.


~ by Meka on March 5, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Game – Bootleg Kev Interview (Video)”

  1. ahhh, good news! i love his music, i remember being 14/15 and picking up Documentary, and i still bang it 5 years later.

  2. all 3 of his CDs are good BTW

  3. hes coming out with another album!! woah talk about some really really surprising news..

  4. Game’s beard is made with rick ross’s mother’s pubic hairs!

  5. lol @ “Idaho’s Party Station”

  6. haha @ rob22…sarcasm at it’s finest

  7. Who the fuck is Bootleg Kev?????

  8. […] Originally posted here: The Game – Bootleg Kev Interview (Video) […]

  9. he needs to shave asap because that is not working for him at all!

  10. yo haaaha game has gotta b tha illest video game player in the music bis, he was like top5 in madden, he number 1 in mlb and nba. damn!!!

  11. The Game challenges gamers & Introduces Blackwallstreet’s own Elijah live on stage

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