50 Cent Starring in Pimpin’ Curly ep.5 (Video)

Ha.. these seriously get me through the week. Comedy in the form of fuckery haha. What happens in this episode you ask?

Curly takes a new girl away from another pimp, and an unknown adversary makes an attempt on Pimpin’ Curly’s life. Will Curly escape his enemies and the long arm of Officer Ricky and the law??

PREVIOUS: Pimpin’ Curly ep.4 | Pimpin’ Curly ep.3 | Pimpin’ Curly ep.2


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

15 Responses to “50 Cent Starring in Pimpin’ Curly ep.5 (Video)”

  1. lmao man 50’s a fool

  2. fool as in comedian

  3. damn dats a fat azz ere he get these chicks from she gonna blow like buddens girl tahiry damn!!! keep em coming

    “You can take the chain but you ain’t takin the burger”

  4. MAN! She got booty! And some knockers too! She got me spazzin’ like the pimp in the video, haha

  5. Yo, this cat Fif is priceless with these joints! I kinda hope he keeps it “indie” and not take these network offers too serious.

  6. LMAO….funny as hell. I can’t wait til next week.

  7. lmao!

  8. i like curly more than 50

  9. Damn! Damn! Damn! I’d take that girl and be like Pops Bang! Bang!
    Bang Bang Bang! haha.

  10. hahahahha

    and bitch in the begining


  11. YOOOO, that chick’s ass was off the meter.

    LMAO @ the pimp “somebody go get the bucket”.

  12. PAY ME NIGGGA 456 love ceelow

  13. this shit is seriously funny. i lol on a few parts on here. i’m shocked. the end.

  14. Got Damn!!! Where 50 get these girlz from?

    And shit is fuckin funny as hell lmao

    “You can take the chain, but you aint gettin this burger!” lol

  15. Puffy Juice lol

    Yo shortys body… Jesus Christ lord omighty….

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