Cage – Dr. Strong

Some of you might appreciate the awesome’ness that it is, to make these last two posts one after the other. Weatherman!
Anyways… onto the post. Some new Cage, presumably off Depart From Me (June 30), for the masses. And from the image above you can see there is a video in the works for Never Knew You (the track that was accidentally uploaded on the Nothing Left to Say post). The interesting thing about it is that Shia LaBeouf  is directing it. Hopefully that means the talks of Cage’s biography being put to film is becoming more of a reality! Shouts to Vega for the track btw.

DOWNLOAD: Cage – Dr. Strong | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

23 Responses to “Cage – Dr. Strong”

  1. I’m a fan of Shia’s work and recently got into Cage [ll] (thanks to this blog) so the news sounds dope, thanks for the track.

  2. Cage has always been one hell of an emcee (loved his Leak Bros work with Tame One), but this shit right here is just too much for me, I can’t relate anymore and the beat isn’t just catching me.

  3. Haha, these last two Cage tracks are incredibly bad. He’s taken his dorky little emo steez to a whole new level and his audience will definitely be leaving him to himself after this new release.

  4. didnt this nigga use brass knuckles to fight & still got his head cracked?

  5. cage, i dig you and the Weathermen but you got an L for this one. LOL

  6. When Cage came to Vancouver to open for Mr Lif, he jumped in the crowd and some kid poured a full beer on his head. LOL

  7. I’ve been down with Cage since the agent orange radio head days, and I can honestly say I really love his new stuff…If you don’t like it you’re not hearing the pain he’s spittin’ right now…This is real rap and it couldn’t of come soon enough…

  8. This isn’t an emo steeze… this is real shit… this dude was actually a patient in the hospital and tied down to a bed… so it’s not like he’s making shit up just to sound emo, this really happened. I can rock with that. I never been a fan of his voice but this track is pretty cool.

  9. i hope the whole album doesnt sound like this. i’m a big fan, but not feelin this

  10. much better then the other two tracks.

  11. Cage MySpace msg’d me before a show in Toronto, and invited me back to his Hotel!!!

    Remember that?!?! Hahaha

  12. cage fell off hard..used 2 be dope tho

  13. Stressing his words all gay and saying “Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” instead of “Me” is forcing a corny emo steez. I know he’s been in a mental institution, he’s talked about it his entire career, and did a much better job than this muddled crap. Rap fans aren’t gonna feel this, and the kids that like this type of music can easily find better than this junk.

  14. cage is a better rapper than me.

  15. My Man.

  16. damn! what a bitch…and im talking to the people who think this song is gay, or crap….i ain’t riding cage’s dick, but its annoying when people say he changed, or he’s emo now…

  17. Come on. He has changed, man. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. Now, whether it’s a good change…that’s up to the listener. In my opinion, he’s getting worse. Nothing Left To Say was dope…Never Knew You had to grow on me. This song is utter shit. The beat is horrible, the lyrics are trite and the flow is totally mediocre. It doesn’t even sound like Cage to me…and this coming from someone that’s been a fan of his since Movies For The Blind. If the whole album sounds like this I’m going to be extremely disappointed. Change is good…except when it makes you write lame ass “feel sorry for me” songs. Try again, Cage.

  18. […] hat tip: 2dopeboyz […]

  19. Not feeling it at all. The end.

  20. he changed. and its weird…because he’s like the only thing in the world to ever undergo a change. i mean…for reals, guys. i miss back when he felt like shit for putting up something he felt was an act and almost quit rapping altogether because he felt stagnant and fake (said it himself in an interview available on his def jux page). But on that real ish, dr. strong isn’t rap imo. i like it tho, it’s got a post-punky edge. i loved cage back when he was on that necro production, and i like him now. i’m mature and can deal with change. i’m not saying you all need to dig this because i do (not at all), but the amount of shit talking on every cage post in every website ever ALL STILL whining about the SAME SHIT, pisses me off. you should’ve gotten over it by now. why not visit a site from an artist YOU DO like? or more likely, are you all simply so into hating, that you web-stalk only artists YOU THINK fell off? i’m sorry, but nothing sells out quicker than the fans these days.

    as for his look…as a vagina-owning citizen, i have to say the man looks much hotter “emo.” by the way, none of you must now what real emo is, because he doesn’t look or sound like it at all and never has. jawbreaker, hot water music, sunny day real estate? oh, but none of you know about music, except for what? shit like fall out boy and whatnot? is that what emo is to you, babies? howwwwwwww cute.

    to address the subject now, i love all the leaks off DFM. The youtube vids are even better. beat kids is a killer song. so is i found my mind in connecticut. can’t wait to buy the album. like all his fans should (stop stealing).

  21. I love Cage but he needs to get off XO Skeletons dick.

  22. Times change and people change with them. If you can’t accept that you’re gonna have a lot of problems down the line. I know I don’t dress the same way I did ten years ago, and my record collection has evolved as well. Even back in the grimey days Cage did shit like sample Built to Spill. I think his progression is natural.

  23. I respect if you simply don’t feel the leaks, but if you base these opinions off of the fact people are calling Cage emo, or because of the way he dresses, than your opinion is shit. LadyLazurus a lot of things I agree with. You think Cage is emo now because he wears flannels and tight pants? Who gives a fuck. On songs like ‘Suicidal Failure’ he talks aboout killing himself over a girl. Is that not ’emo’? If he was wearing the same clothes he is now and wrote that song, half of you would turn around and say it was garbage. On ‘Ballard of Worms’ he is rapping about a girl, and does the same word slurring one of you complained about on ‘I Never Knew You’, where he drags out his wordsduring the chorus. he did that shit on ballad of worms too.. ‘she piss while i eaaatt herr’. Both of those songs are from the Movies For The Blind and For Your Box days.

    You must be afraid your friends are gonna tease you if you don’t like his new stuff because you think it’s emo.

    I’m quoting somebody who posted here..

    ‘except when it makes you write lame ass “feel sorry for me” songs’

    what were songs talking about his stay in a mental insitution? were those’feel sorry for me songs’?

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