Crooked I – HardKnockTV Freestyle (Video)

While in the studio with HardKnockTV, Crooked I goes in for 25 minutes! Shouts to Juice and Balance for their appearances as well. Parts 2 and 3 after the jump…


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

15 Responses to “Crooked I – HardKnockTV Freestyle (Video)”

  1. crook is a beast. even when he’s sloppy

  2. one of the illest in the game right now

  3. dope as hell!! he’s a very good freestyler. I don’t know why he doesn’t spit off the top more often. Usually he just spits his verse from “The Kite”.

    btw. what’s that beat they’re rappin over again?

  4. C.O.B 4 life



  6. got damn dis nigga aint no fuccin joke. yo cuzz can u get dis on an mp3? im tryin to bumpin dis chit n da whip

  7. crooked spittin jibberish is still better than most rappers….

  8. Even though he fucked up a few parts Crooked still killed it like he usually does with the freestyles! And that is X.O. of BlackWallStreet in the one video not Balance.


  10. as requested heres the MP3 of the actual song


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  12. this dude is the best right now

  13. A LEGEND!

  14. Damn. Crooked I is a monster, definitely one of the best there is.

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