Glasses Malone – I Love Dollars

G. Malone goes in over Asher’s cut. I personally love Fridays, but that’s why I’m not a rapper.

DOWNLOAD: Glasses Malone – I Love Dollars | Mediafire
BONUS: Young Lace – I Don’t Wanna Be You f. Glasses Malone, J Flames, Class & B Eazy


~ by Meka on March 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “Glasses Malone – I Love Dollars”

  1. Will his album ever drop?

    I need that Lupe joint.

  2. i didnt expect 2 see anybody spit on this trak…

  3. shit is GLAD he spit on this track…damn.

  4. dope. better than the original.

  5. better then the original is right

  6. the bonus song is much better

  7. Wow that second song is slappppin

    where is the gmalone albummmm?

  8. Start at A and skip to C cause I don’t wanna be you…….

  9. […] Read the original here:  Glasses Malone – I Love Dollars […]

  10. This shit was dope

  11. Damn Glasses flipped this track real nice I’m loving this joint a lot! And yes this is much better then the original! Glasses do need to drop that album already to though it’s long overdue!

  12. his album is coming out on 06.09.09

  13. Oh word that’s cool that’s perfect timing then since my b-day the next week on June 13th! So I got a few albums to look forward to now that are coming out right around or near my b-day then with him, Twista, Bone, Rhymefest & if anybody else I listen decides to end up dropping then to!

  14. […] Courtesy of 2dopeboyz […]

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