Ludacris x The Roots x Jimmy Fallon (Video)

I haven’t gotten to watch Jimmy Fallon’s show yet, but these performance clips are fucking dope. In this particular clip, Luda performs Last of a Dying Breed & I Do It For Hip Hop, backed by Black Thought & legendary Roots crew!


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

13 Responses to “Ludacris x The Roots x Jimmy Fallon (Video)”

  1. Ill Bet Ludacris Never Thought He Would Ever Have Black Thought As His Hype Man

  2. Word on the streets is The Roots are the only silver lining of the show, which has been pretty awful so far. Hopefully Fallon gets better.

  3. That version of “I do it For Hip Hop” is nuts

  4. The Roots played “Doin The Butt” when Serena Williams came out. Classic.

  5. The Roots played “Doin The Butt” when Serena Williams came out. Classic.

    bueller? said this on March 6, 2009 at 6:33 am

    I peeped that too. Damn Serena was looking good. I was looking forward to seeing her walk out when I heard she was on the show. Ludacris’ performance was dope the way the Roots did it. “Last of A Dying Breed/I Do It For HipHop”

  6. DOOOOPE…damn still waiting on another album, shit is crack tho…roots need to be erybody house band

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  8. This show should be called Late Nite with The Roots (guest starring Jimmy Fallon, nightly)…lol naw

  9. yeah the show is meh, but The Roots performances are epic lol.

  10. Yeah…there are, but what happens when the musical guest is Jonah Brothers or other groups who fail at making music

  11. I been watching the show this week and I gotta tell you Jimmy has a looong way to go, the show aint that funny but hopefuly it will get better he has some big ass shoes to fill…Conan IS the Greatest!….Damn The Roots kill that “Jamming the news” skit the other day LOL

  12. i been watching this show all week but, is it just me or does black thought look a little pissed off? i wish they had him rapping or singing more. i hope they show more of the roots eventually. like a week where the roots are the musical performers.

  13. I’ve watched the show everyday this week also.

    I think Jimmy has potential… he’s just got some ways to go.

    1. His reading. Even when he was on SNL, you could/can always tell he’s reading his lines. Everyone does it… but he really does it. He rambles and stumbles through lines too sometimes. Nerves maybe?

    2. His guests. He always looks uncomfortable when he’s talking to people he doesn’t know. Hit Tina Fey interview was his best yet. Justin Timberlake was good too. DeNiro & Trump killed him though. I bet he does good tonight with Drew Berrymore and Mario Batali. I know he can’t PICK his guests (can he?), but still.

    3. Those skits. Lick it for $10? Stop. SPACE TRAIN? wow. Some are alright, some are lame… maybe it’s his writers. All the ones with music in ’em so far are good though. The Roots have been holding it down.

    4. His interviews. Besides being nervous… it always looks like he’s unprepared. It’s like he’s just talking to his guests and didn’t do any research or anything. Which is kinda cool, cause it seems more real/personal… but at least ask SOMETHING (he just kept telling Donald Trump that he loved The Apprentice). He also gets off topic too and goes into his own stories sometimes lol.

    Why am I at home on a friday night, writing a goddamn book about Jimmy Fallon, you might ask?

    fuck you. that’s why…

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