QuESt – Tainted Woes

And you thought Distant Travels Into Soul Theory was it!? Ha… QuESt isn’t stopping anytime soon. Flip It Fridays continues, belieee dat! Yo Q… get at me, I’ve got an idea. Muwhahaha…

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Tainted Woes


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

23 Responses to “QuESt – Tainted Woes”

  1. siiiick

  2. I really like that picture

  3. I would like it if the girl wasn’t the next Yao Ming.

  4. yao ming? nah…..and this track is dope. His spit is ridiculous! My god

  5. well, if you like girls that can climb up the bean stalk then thats fine, but i find her legs unattractive. its all opinions

  6. well I find her legs damn attractive, and regardless of the pic, the song is dope, and thats what the post was for…not to judge how her legs

  7. That Dude got it correct. Quest is one of my favs. Most of them guys in the XXL ain’t even doin shit right now, you have Quest, Nero, Drake, among others and you couldn’t put those guys on? Come on XXL, you’re better than that.

  8. legs are arguebly the best part on the female body especially when they are that long n fine

  9. “Come on XXL, you’re better than that.”
    ^not really.

  10. you guys are blind, her feet look two sizes bigger than Shaq’s! its all opinions any how.

  11. first off that wasnt me on the xxl remark, and I’m gonna just ignore the shaq remark.thats RIDICULOUS

  12. maybe yall jus never seen legs before atleast on a woman..thats his girl ..ask him how tall she is.

  13. Sounds like a young Hov on this.

  14. i second tommy’s opinion… girl is not cute lol

    quest, however, can rhyme. miami hasnt made me proud to be a native in awhile

  15. LMAO, his girl is fine man, and this track is nice

  16. i second tommy’s opinion… girl is not cute lol
    haha, thanks at least i know im not crazy…but he prob reads this so imma keep it cool. p.s. i think his music is dope too! i need to download his mixtape because the few songs i heard before that were awesome.

  17. This song is niiice

  18. he sounds like jay-z on everything..

  19. i can see how someone would thing long legs on a woman isn’t attractive when they’re 5’3″ or something. but it is a matter of opinion, the song is dope, and i was surprised at how dope the mixtape was. would have been better if he had a skit when they were actually in the relationship. it wet from “hi, my name is…” to “it’s over. i can’t deal with this…” deal with what? i didn’t even know you two were together!

    but that’s my opinion…

  20. Hes a combination of lupe and jay-z..never heard of but he executes the shit out of it.

    put him in the next xxl mag.lmao fuck is a asher roth

  21. This cat is fresh on the mic.
    His voice actually reminds me of Big L a lil bit.

  22. he look like the son off my wife and kids lol

  23. dude’s voice reminds me of smitty, another dope miami rapper that disappeared *shrugs*

    anyways, i thought off of the title of the track and shake saying he had an idea, that the track was going to be over “tainted love” not this 9th wonder shit lol. regardless, dope song

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