Scratch (of The Roots) – Let’s Go f. Peedi Crakk

The mouthpiece of the legendary Roots crew (remember when Rahzel was down, too?) links up with the guy who I though was gonna drop an album called Camel Face Hunting Season by now for Scratch’s upcoming Loss 4 Wordz. What up Stephen?

DOWNLOAD: Scratch (of The Roots) – Let’s Go f. Peedi Crakk | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Scratch (of The Roots) – Let’s Go f. Peedi Crakk”

  1. LOL a Peedi Crack doing anything even remotely good, besides saying “Ping Ping, brrrrraacccckk, Peedi Peddi”

    Fuckin hump. I guess the while “Imma diss Jay to get on” scheme didn’t work, when it would have been the equivalent of a maintenance man at a company trying to son the CEO of the same firm.

  2. i need the instrumental of this in my life

  3. goddam. reminds me how much i miss a good scratch in my hip hop lol word to premo.

    and HAHA, peedi’s had some vicious verses. whenever he gets down with the roots, he spits fire. check out his verses on Game Theory

  4. need da instumental also hurs this joint a while but couldnt get it finally…..

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