Teairra Mari’s Blackmen Magazine Spread

With a new album on the way, the former Princess of the Roc seems to be making her rounds. From causing a scene with Flo Rida to posing in magazines. When I posted the record, the c-boys came out to admire Teairra’s music looks. So I’m sure folks will enjoy this one. Hit the jump for the goods…

Click each image (except the last) for a larger version. I’ve gotta ask, how do these shots hold up against Ashanti & Jesikah Maximus‘ spreads? Also, I was gonna add Teraji P. Henson’s spread to this post but it far too comic book’ish for my likings. Either way shouts to CC!


~ by Shake on March 6, 2009.

15 Responses to “Teairra Mari’s Blackmen Magazine Spread”

  1. Teairra Mari looks real sexy & gorgeous! I like this spread a lot! I been in love with her though ever since I seen her in her 1st video Make Me Feel Good! Can’t believe she practically the same age as me to (21/22ish) & she has grown to be a lot more sexier now as a young woman! As far as the spreads I think the Jessikah Maximus one is the best then this one & Ashanti!

  2. DAMN! She NICE! (^.^)

  3. Umm she is just right. She is sweet as well. A great gal peronally from knowing her!

  4. hot damn, i just got a new background pic on my labtop!! 8 )

  5. jesikah wins

    but still…damn

  6. Socializin, vibin with my eyes on dot
    She this book cover lady that be blowin up the spot
    While my heart was racin, like the hands on the clock
    I step live I think she see me puttin out the pot
    Peace Dot, I’m so happy to see you at the rendezvous
    How’s life today your hands are softer than Camay
    too your hairdo way more class than Halle Berry
    Caught visions of me and you ridin on the ferry
    Plus your daughter Kiki talk to my man Merry
    I order me a Sex on the Beach with the cherry
    I order her a Vermidi on ice, sounds nice
    She elegant, pretty eyes, glasses, inteligent
    Whispered in my ear that she’s celibate
    Whispered back to her ear we don’t have to go there
    As I grab the hand set her politely in the chair
    As we stopped to stare at one another
    Black sister, the brother
    I’m thinkin all the time how she could be my lover

  7. Detroit, stand up for the big mama!

  8. […] Excerpt from: Teairra Mari’s Blackmen Magazine Spread […]

  9. Yeeeeup!

  10. jay def shoulda backed her over rihanna

  11. Shes pretty

  12. Seems like her career never took off; since she got kicked off the ROC for Rihanna. Never the less nice pixs

  13. …and she can sing!!!!

  14. These are ok, no big WOW here though….what the hell is up with the editing of her right shoulder in the first pic?

  15. i hate photoshopped picts. i dont mind seeing scars and w/e else their skin has. no1 is perfect. like her knee looks real retarded in that last pic.

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