Crooked I Talks About Shooting (Audio)

While my partner gets to his computer at 2:30pm, I actually wake up at 3pm. Anyways, Crooked I speaks to the Wakeup Show’s King Tech about the shooting that went down.

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I Talks About Shooting


~ by Meka on March 7, 2009.

13 Responses to “Crooked I Talks About Shooting (Audio)”

  1. this is the most exciting thing that happened to crooked i’s “career” since he left death row…lmfao

  2. ^hater

  3. ^just being realist GROUPIE

  4. damnn man thats fucked up
    hope homie is better soon

  5. Somebody is after Crooked.

  6. this is fucked up…. dude better watch his back or get more people to roll with him. i NEVER want to see crooked in another article like this again about him getting shot or whatever. you can hate on crooked all you want but you cant deny this dude is a beast and an all around dope ass guy. death to whoever did this shit and i hope they got an X over their head right now.

  7. this means someone out there has the footage of crooked gettin shot when he did that lil shout out

  8. Damn that’s real messed up & that’s unfortunate what happened to the one fan who sent him the vest! But he obviously must have known something! Dudes are really trying to get Crook! Crooked better not retire now to if anything he should just be more careful & make his music that much more versatile or as he put it worldwide!

  9. […] See original here:  Crooked I Talks About Shooting (Audio) […]

  10. Hope dudes straight. No one want’s to see him retire.

  11. Crooked I is a beast, regardless of which coast he’s spittin’ on. Crooked I, Blu & Ya Boy are bringing the West Coast Hip Hop scene back in a major way. Add Glasses Malone, Bishop LaMont & a few others and you’re in a good position for a takeover of the direction this mainstream Hip Hop game is headed.

    Crooked’s Hip Hop Weekly & Block Obama series IMO are the most exciting points of his career > Death Row. And now with Slaughterhouse? That’s it – solidify your position and ride on these haters.

    C.O.B. Or Nothin’!

  12. this showed how soft crooken i is man, shows that when u are in the booth talkin about bein such a g and ur raps are about guns and u are trying to passoff this fake lifestyle, u will get popped for running ur mouth. no one bucked back at the dude who shot at him, the fuck? crooked i knows now he has to switch his flow and stop acting like such a fuckin gangster.. “COB, circle of BOSSES nigga”

  13. ^ Crook is a fake because he was alone in the hood?

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