Bishop Lamont Talks About Detox Leak (Video)

Niggas keep leaking Detox records. When we find out whose doing it, I’ma fuck you up, I’m gonna break your legs. You’re fucking with my publishing checks.

Bishop chops it up with Angela Yee & Leah Rose on Shade45’s Lip Service about the recent Detox leaks. Big shouts to Bish for keeping it real about his opinion on Crack a Bottle.


~ by Shake on March 8, 2009.

23 Responses to “Bishop Lamont Talks About Detox Leak (Video)”

  1. Bishop is that dude!

  2. its reverse psychology everybody…Bishop Lamont is the inside man leaking Detox records…bishop’s tricks don’t fool me

  3. lol @ b-REAL

    u think he leaked crack a bottle, the TI tracks, etc so dre will pick up the bishop tracks instead? hmmmm


    Major producers like dre wont let nothing leak unless he does it himself for promo , u think he can work on something for 10 yrs and then somewhat leaks PERFECT quality few wks b4 album , Its called PROMOTION people ..

  5. Speaking of leaks….

    Chillin/Clipse x Ye joint anyone?

  6. Man bishop keeps it real!!!! But did i hear that dog-eating chinesse ho say “NIGGA”….??? DAMN CHINKY ASS, WON-TONNE EATING, FISH-FUCKING 16 year old LOOKING BITCH!!!! O’BAMA!!!

  7. this dude has the craziest eyebrows I’ve ever seen

  8. bishop really needs to put out an album though.

  9. shut the fuck up bishop! you ain’t fuckin’ nobody up! i’ll let you hit me and then i’ll sue for your publishing checks and then with the money i make i’ll hire goons to beat your ass.

    how do you like that?!

  10. Whenever I see Bishop its the mad rapper show…dude needs to turn that frown upside down, the world isnt as bad as it seems.

  11. he got one thing right; crack a bottle is horrible lol

  12. Clipse & Ye joint won’t be out tomorrow.

  13. ^ Why not? I was really hyped for it.

  14. lol @ Dredolf Hitler

  15. im still waiting to see bishop and the game fight that would be a pay per view fucking fight man that shit would be so sick

  16. I am SO GLAD BISHOP was the 1st artist to be honest about that ultra wak song by Dr. Dre, Em and 50Cent! I wanted the trk to be hot but it was super ass! …and 50Cent talks about the trk in a bragging way that it’s gonna be on his album like it’s a HOT song. That nigga lost his mind that shit is super wak!

    I’m glad Bishop said that to Dre maye it will trickle down to Em and 50Cent to not release it officially! People are just downloading it for 2 reasons 1. it’s cheap on iTunes and 2. it’s the 1st Eminem trk and/or Dr. Dre trk that people have heard in a LONG time from them.

    They need some heatrock!

  17. hah second what Francisco said. what the fuck?! “Dredolf Hitler”?! hahahahah

  18. Man you mean to tell me Dr. Dre has 2-3000 records in the vault and these leaks are his favourites and best he could come up with?

    Fuck me dead. Topless is hot but the other 2 T.I ones are crap, the previous leaked reference tracks are wack.

    If you include the Death Row vaults of Dre I’d say he has close to 3500 records and all of them would be good enough for most to be put on Chronic or Detox. Yet it’s going to be a 12 track album?

    Get fucked with this shit, I ain’t fallin’ for it. Crack a Bottle was hot for 1 day then it sucked.

    Dr. Dre has the equivalent of 200 yes 200 so called Detox or Chronic equivalents yet the dude is just taking forever for a mere 12 tracks.

    I a definately d/l it first if I don’t like it then I aint buying it.

  19. Bishop Lamont is that real shit. Those who have no idea, take your bullshit Flo Rida mixes out your decks, and find a fucking Lamont mix.

  20. […] See original here:  Bishop Lamont Talks About Detox Leak (Video) […]

  21. Finally someone admits to not liking that annoying ass crack a bottle song. I said from day one that shit is weak.

  22. Crack a bottle is weak. and when you speaking about leaking, i don’t want the internet to leak some “Detox” tracks before the official release. but that will happen, cause blogs give a fuck what artists do

  23. where that new clipse mannn

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