Fat Joe – Cupcakes: Behind The Scenes (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In preparation of the elephant in the room’s next album, Jealous Ones Still Envy 2. Real talk, whenever cats just title their albums as sequels to older albums, that usually spells doom for the album. Seriously, name me an album that was a “Part 2” to another album that didn’t stink to high hell.


~ by Meka on March 8, 2009.

37 Responses to “Fat Joe – Cupcakes: Behind The Scenes (Video)”

  1. Tha Carter 2 was dope lol…

  2. exactly…tha carter 2…that’s about it

  3. Bleprint 2!!! =O

  4. Blueprint 2!…. Stillmatic was kind of a sequels to Illmatic and it is STILL dope ! =P

  5. I pledge Allegiance to the Grind II…


  6. II Trill

    I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II

    Tha Carter II

    Savage Life II (if you into that sorta ish)

    umm….yeah…BP II was a mixed bag…Stillmatic if you wanna count it is dope too.

  7. What about the king of all sequels? TERMINATOR 2!

  8. Wayne – C2..Hov – BP2..Slum Village – Fantastic 2..9th Wonder – Dream Merchant 2..DJ Clue – Professional 2..

  9. commentin on da video now… who da fuck is g-boy n wut r dese guys sayin… i ont understand all dese half wurds

  10. Hi-Teknology Vol. 2

    best sequel ever

    and SV’s Fantastic 2

  11. BP2 is hot garbage

    Stillmatic is about it

  12. huh no intelligent hiphop fan would ever choose bp2 over bp1 smh but i do think bp3 could b better than both when it finally drops lol

    Jayz carter vol 2 was better than vol 1..

  13. i was just in a conversation with someone about terminator being the best movie sequel ever….

    blueprint 2 is not better than blueprint.
    carter 2 is better than carter
    twelve play 2 is at least just as good as twelve play

  14. ob4cl 2…lmao

  15. toy story 2

  16. well technically speaking yea, Jay-Z Vol. 2…

  17. Carter II
    Blueprint 2 was decent

    I’ve heard nothing but good things from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

  18. And when is Chillin/Clipse x Kanye dropping?

  19. man shut up, Blueprint 2 was pure ass… Carter II had no replay value.

  20. terminator 2 is so cheesy.

    Kill bill 2 is better than kill bill 1 though. The first 1 is boring but number 2 is actually really good.

  21. Bp 2 was alright. The carter 2 was trash shit anything lil Wayne makes is garbage. Stillmatic….ummm….vol 2 dope. But yea there aren’t that many.

  22. Aladdin 2: Return of Jafar was pretty fuckin good….ya’ll left that out…don’t hate.

  23. This should’ve been tagged as a Random Act of Fuckery. I think they were trying to fit every single hip-hop cliche in one little video. Fat Joe’s career has basically turned into one giant L

  24. WOW the hate doesn’t stop! People talk about this dude in such a way that disgusts me. Fat Joe is a fuckin legend and all he gets for you buffoons is hate! Wow! He opened the doors for so many people in the EARLY 90’s b4 any of ur fav rappers were big! He was 1 of the poppin MC’s b4 his crew Terror Squad had a buzz b4 Big Pun was known b4 Remy Ma etc. Fat Joe was and still is the main person along w/ Angie Martinz that people go to see @the Puerto Rican day parade since da mid ’90’s.

    Even Jay-Z wasn’t big when he gained popularity for the Bronx and Latino’s! Gees man! There are legends who I think are utterly wak but no one opens their mouths out of respect but for some reason you guys do it to Fat Joe. Crazy! Sounds like more 50 Cent bandwagoning!

  25. Oh and J.O.S.E. was a gem. That’s a hell of a album to make a part 2 to. Joey better be careful!

  26. Tical 2……..thousand

    chronic 2………thousand one

  27. @Showman3000

    Fat Joe’s early years of his career were great, but his career has regressed and not progressed. Every album he puts out is worse than the one before and he is constantly trying to bite whatever’s hot at the time.

  28. My shit volume 2

  29. 9th Wonder’s Dream Merchant 2 doesn’t really count – the first was a bonus record of random cuts, not designed to be an actual album but more of a “these tracks don’t fit anywhere but 9th produced them all, and it’s free with LEGACY & Away Team’s feature…” type of thing.

    Chronic 2001 count as a sequel or “Part 2”? If so, that’s the only one other than Wayne’s Carter 2 (but not 3!) pointed out. I didn’t enjoy Blueprint 2 much, but 2.1 was alright and Blueprint 3 will be dope!

    Relapse 2, for real.

  30. ^ Vol 2 was dope.

    Also; OB4CL2 will be dope, and Fat Joe’s career is a giant L. LMAO! Truth!

  31. Steve_O said this on March 8, 2009 at 8:26 pm
    You make sense to a point. However, he is not wak and is not as bad as people try to precieve him not to mention in comparison to all the garbage artist that people support, why judge his skill vs all these other rappers who lack extreme substance.

    At least Joe comes from a era that represents realness. Not only that, there are artist like E40, Too Short and more who can barely rap yet people don’t say much about them & their rapping skills because those people are legends; so then why act different & judge Fat Joe. I you make good points but I don’t think it’s fear while at the same time people support and big up others with less talent when he can actually rap. It just comes off as people are hating on him.

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  33. yeah, this nigga joe love me, and he came and got me from the hood, so like, im a real hood nigga, and niggas love me so like nigga, this nigga here nigga gonna be the nigga that blow up nigga and niggas love me so joe love me so, ima be makin money nigga like a im paidnigga, look at this chain TS nigga, nigga im gonna be big because niggas like joe love me nigga?????

    im confused

  34. shrek 2 lol

  35. Transformers 2 that aint even drop yet

  36. @mfdoom


  37. 2 fast 2 furious

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