QuESt – Lust For Self

QuESt never planned on hoping on this Drake record, but certain things have been occurring that forced his mouth piece to speak on a few things. Some real deep stuff here people. QuESt is gonna be huge this year. Believe that. The projects we’ve been talking about on the horizon are sounding dope!

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Lust For Self | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Nero – Lust For Life


~ by Shake on March 8, 2009.

25 Responses to “QuESt – Lust For Self”

  1. smh….He really doesnt stop does he?

    Deep shit..Dope…I feel him on this.

  2. QuEST has become one of my favorite new artists in a very short time. This kid is amazing. That Check The Rhyme that him and Nero did has been on play since you posted it up Shake.

  3. Keep the tracks coming
    This cat is ill.

  4. He’s gud I must say it!

  5. clipse x ye anyone?

  6. he is next he better believe it

  7. QuEST, Nero, & Mike Posner have put out the dopest music in 2009 so far.


    When is the song dropping!? Wasn’t it suppose to come out by tomorrow? What’s the scoop y’all?

  9. ^^^ Bring that up in the post about it, not in a post about a different artist.

  10. ^^^

    nah. we want clipse! we want clipse!

  11. ^^

    no we dont. QuESt is killing it. HARD RIGHT NOW.

  12. everytime i hear this nigg i feel like im listening 2 life and times of shawn carter could hurt him in the future but as far as lyrics the nigga can spit…

  13. @lily

    im not disagreeing. i just want some info on the clipse track.

  14. lol word i feel you, but not on a post that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  15. this dude’s voice is annoying as hell and he also ugly as hell..

  16. Dude is nice and gaining some ground with these tracks! … and what’s up w/ the pic dude need a hairline appointment lol

  17. Kanye! Kanye! Kanye! Come on, its the 9th on the east coast (the superior coast)!

  18. p.s. Quest is good…idk why ppl are trying to put him down

  19. speaking of drake, i got an exclusive drake and lil wayne track for yall.

    Going in (Truth)

  20. […] More: QuESt – Lust For Self […]

  21. Wow, not surprised Kinda Like a Big Deal ain’t here yet. I hope it drops SOMETIME today.

  22. niggas commentin on a niggas looks? smh.
    the QuESt killllliiiinnnn it.

  23. lmao @ snowman

  24. man I’ve had this joint on repeat for the past hour….

  25. this is ill. but i must say this beat was made for nero.
    quest is dope. nero is incredible. period.

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