Asher Roth – Asleep In the Bread Aisle (Artwork x Tracklist)

We posted up the tracklist* awhile back and now I just got my hands on the artwork. So why not put it all together in a new post? I was supposed to check an early advance of the album, but shit happens. Meka heard it though. You can bug him for his thoughts.

Tracklist + Artwork after the jump…

1. Lark on My Go Cart (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
2. Blunt Cruise (prod. by Oren Yoel)
3. I Love College (prod. By Mike Carren and Ben Allen)
4. La Di Da (prod. By Don Cannon)
5. Fallen (prod. by Novel)
6. Be By Myself Feat. Cee-Lo (prod. by Oren Yoel)
7. She Don’t Want A Man Feat. Estelle (prod. by Oren Yoel)
8. Sour Patch Kids (prod. by Oren Yoel)
9. As I Em Feat. Chester French (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
10.Bad Day Feat. Jazze Pha (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
11. Leo The Lion Feat. Busta Rhymes & New Kingdom (prod. by Oren Yoel)
12. His Dream Feat. Miguel (prod. by Oren Yoel)
13. Nothing You Can’t Do (prod. by Nottz)

*Word is, some big time artists have been dropping verses and will be added to the list as time lets it be revealed.


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

64 Responses to “Asher Roth – Asleep In the Bread Aisle (Artwork x Tracklist)”

  1. Why is there a fake hand in there? lol

  2. better be good pussy

  3. Let The Love/Hate Begin

  4. the way they photoshopped the bread in makes the hand look fake but its not

  5. wackness

  6. Might as well have used real bread lol unless it has meaning (the fakeness of the bread) lol no hate, I like Ash (most times)

  7. the bread is drawn, matching the text.
    they could’ve done a better job though

  8. Alot of Oren Yoel is he a good producer? never heard of him sorry if he’s big and I never heard of him

  9. Just as a note
    you put “Breah” Aisle

    on topic:
    anyone no the reason for such an album title in the first place

  10. looks good from the blackberry?

  11. i guess kinda like a big deal aint coming today huh? i hope this album is good. im sure it wont be though

  12. no wheat bread in this bread aisle? hmmmmm

    anywho its dope except the previously stated annoyance

  13. If you want real bread, say “Hell Yeah!”

    I don’t even listen to Asher. I only heard “I Love College”
    I’m not sayin’ he sucks. Just never got around to hearin’ his material.
    Been knowing about him, just haven’t listened.

    *The “I Love College” I like is the remix, with a different beat. I don’t remember who made the beat, but it’s better than the original (from the little bit I heard).*

  14. “anyone no the reason for such an album title in the first place”

    ^^he explains it in one of these interviews (cant remember which one, sorry).

  15. i like the cover, whens this suppose to drop?

  16. 4/20.. national pot smoking day.. coincidence?? i think not

  17. Thats a lot of white bread

  18. i have a feeling the album wont be good either…but i sure kno its gonna sell lol

  19. Novel??????…who knew….

  20. Ayo, His movement is Grassroots.. Therefore the whole reason for that bread isle is that he’s a dude who’s been dormant in the “bread isle” world of white rappers for a minute.. Now he’s on.. The tracks are gonna be fire. I don’t doubt that.. I got to listen to a few of them joints, namely La Di Da and Sour Patch Kids and shit is fuego.

    cats need to realize the evolution of the game. Minus the Eminem sound-a-like dudes got something to say.

  21. hmm…some of the comments irk me

  22. Ill Buy

  23. it will be a nice album to listen to i think

    ppl just hate cuz hes not tryna be a thug or something idk..

    i just think u shouldn’t bash someone for something u cant do!

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  25. Is That Really Ash?

  26. i do like i love college and i really shouldnt say this album will be bad before i hear a song i dont like. idk though i can understand that he appreciates the culture and i think he really does just speak what he knows but i just feel like he should be saying something more profound lol. idk i will definitely listen to this album and form my opinion then. so i take my former statement back besides the part about kinda like a big deal cuz i still think its a big deal that this fuckin song hasnt dropped yet!!!!!!! once again just my opinion. and who really cares about my opinion anyway right?

  27. I remember this cover from ludacris’s album chicken n beer. Did that artist do ashers album cover?

  28. ^^^^^where?

  29. ^^^^^^google it! Asher and scooter would kill me if i told you all.

  30. is it weird that i agree with shippskelly again??lol… anywayz “I Love college” was dope 4 wat it was and Greenhouse Effect was 2 but i jus see this album following that whole “I Love College” route cuz its proven 2 be sucessful already…”blunt crusie” and “sour patch kids” seem 2 prove that but i haven heard em yet and ill wait til i do…if its anything like Greenhouse Effect then ill be happily surprised

  31. this is great

  32. green house effect cover was way better but i love concept of this haha, i usta work in a supermarket so its funny to me haha

  33. the best turn my swag on remix ever

  34. josh east check your email

  35. meka leak the advance!!

  36. im fiendin for that damn clipse ova hereeeee

  37. Ludacris will be on the final version of Leo the Lion

  38. hmm…some of the comments irk me

    Asher Roth said this on March 9, 2009 at 2:09 pm
    how about this for irk…your music flat out sucks. im not buying your gimmick of being a cool white guy to hang out with or something. give me lyrics with meaning, you fucking twatwaffle.

  39. and learn how to freestyle, your not even a real MC kid…Jamie Kennedy needs a rapping buddy.

  40. I love the fact he rap what he know. He like a fresh breath of air for hip-hop, a lot of people cant relate because he fits in with the new generation. I like to call it my “Flyy Kid/Nerdy Rap” genre

  41. good thing silly boy isn’t on it.

  42. lol @ people mad at asher.

    this album is gonna be dooope.
    ash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
    he’s gon’ be big,

    i see hella magazine covers in his future.

  43. As I Em?
    is that a typo?

  44. album is really fresh. anyone who liked Greenhouse Effect will love the album. and mark my words…my dude Oren Yoel is about to be one of your favorite producers

  45. no teamrocket. its really a track called as I Em, supposedly a song where he addresses the comparisons he and white rappers get to…well…you know

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  47. cant wait to get this album!

  48. asher roth is amazing!
    his flow…unparalleled. his swag….unmatched. his humility ….+10.
    And he has sex with hot chicks.
    I love you asher roth.
    please come to Spokane!

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  50. I really don’t understand…its not fair for other ppl to tell me the reason I dont like his music is because he is a new generation because i LOVE Kid Cudi’s music *no homo*, i like CH’s music, i like Wale, i like Drake. its just really irrelevant stuff to me, and im a college student! i guess i will never understand just like i dont with ppl liking Lil Wayne, I guess ol boy from Immortal Technique was right “your CD went platinum, there must be a million fucking retards”. dont take it as hating, if you wanna listen than listen idc what some Joe Schmo has in his CD player, im just trying to understand and further my knowledge.

  51. This looks pretty dope mannnnn. Reminds me of Malibu’s Most Wanted when Jamie Kennedy got thrown into a dumpster full of white bread. lol
    But dope nonetheless.

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  53. That’s dope that he did a song about the Eminem comparison, love the idea.

  54. I guess ol boy from Immortal Technique was right “your CD went platinum, there must be a million fucking retards”-Tommy.
    Immortal Technique is one dude.
    If you think Asher Roth is even remotely like Eminem you don’t listen to enough music period completely different sounds and mentality. Eminem is angry, Asher is enjoying life and trying to drop a few bits of knowledge refreshing

  55. ^^^Agreed^^^

  56. yo wtf is that bear thing next to the slice of break in his hand…

    that shit is trippin’ me out.

    anyway, i’ll be waiting for it to leak.

  57. “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”(c)Hov
    @whoever thinks Asher Roth sounds like Em.

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  59. The lion is his little mascot/alter ego. He’s asleep too. And don’t say we shouldn’t take it as hating, when you just called a million of us retards.

  60. is this the real album? I thought NO ID was going to produce some tracks?

  61. can’t wait for asher…really underrated as an mc after this album comes out…i hope the em comparisons stop!

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  63. you fucking twatwaffle.
    i’m apparently the only one who found that fucking hilarious. maybe cus its 5am and i haven’t been to bed yet. *shrugs*

  64. […] about how he started rapping, how he got signed, what he thinks of the Eminem comparisons, the new album and […]

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