Asher Roth – La Di Da Live (Video)

So you wanna know what I thought of Asher’s album? I’ll just say it’s a rap album in the traditional sense, but that’s about it. Props to Mike Waxx for the video.

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~ by Meka on March 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “Asher Roth – La Di Da Live (Video)”

  1. Is that a good thing or a bad thing???

  2. lol yea is it good or bad?

  3. He’s saying it’s just another CD.

    Everybody (including me) was hoping that Asher would come and change the world, save the game, dethrone Eminem and all that jazz…

    but no.

    I’ll still give it a spin or two, but that’s disappointing. :/

  4. ashers a clown..his album will flop

  5. this is somewhat displeasing to me

  6. […] Go here to read the rest:  Asher Roth – La Di Da Live (Video) […]

  7. is it good or bad? i’m wondering as well… clarify

  8. He is rapping but its more than hip hop….classic album

  9. yeah…transcends rap what i take from Meka…but his body of work is already pretty solid…so lets not hating yet..or ever…hes trying….stop comparing

    whats the release date? Curren$y changing the game march 31st

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