DJ Capcom – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne, Drake & Truth [NoDJ]

Seriously, someone explain to me how I can’t sleep right now. My head is on fire. No tags, courtesy of Splash Dollar! SHAKE UPDATE: Figured I’d bring this back to the top as Drake just said the record is fake and that he has no idea who DJ Capcom or Truth are. He also states that him, Weezy and another undisclosed rapper will be on a song dropping soon.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Capcom – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne,Drake & Truth [NoDJ] | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 9, 2009.

32 Responses to “DJ Capcom – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne, Drake & Truth [NoDJ]”

  1. i wish….

  2. Show some curtosey Curtis.

  3. Glad I’m not on Windows, this Sharebee shit is triflin’.

  4. Drake went niiiice on this.

  5. ^is there anything Drake doesn’t go nice on?

  6. Drizzy killed this.

  7. i swear those sharebee mofos r evil…

  8. …and Drake def went in

  9. this shit is slappinggggggggg

  10. drake is always in there my nigga

  11. i heard this a few weeks ago on a vid of his So Far Gone release party… but now we got the DL so its definetly a good day

  12. DRAKE went hard! WEEZY did his thang too, the hook was a bit too much, it was ehhh, dude TRUTH was ok he was more like a “WHITE LIE”

  13. wow this shit is hot, im just glad wayne didnt go overboard on the auto-tune.

  14. ” im living out my dreams, u just dream ” is what truth said

  15. ” im living out my dreams, u just dream” is what truth said


  17. Sigh, more cats with wet panties for drake.

  18. honestly i dont care for drake at all but he does have some good lyrics. My laptop will be turned on!

  19. Drake said this is “unofficial”

  20. “A record leaked today called Im Goin In with Me and Wayne. This is not the real record, we don’t know Dj Capcom or Truth.
    An official version featuring Me, Wayne and another undisclosed rapper coming soon… ” – drake



  23. […] Read more: DJ Capcom – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne, Drake & Truth [NoDJ] […]

  24. dis aint the real version of the song it got leaked

  25. @S.Truth, touche. Lol.

  26. regardless of the situation around the song this shit is hot… Wayne actually rapped? What? Drake is nice as always… Truth was eh. On a track with heavy hitters you gotta go in lol… shameless pun

  27. i’m surprised there hasn’t been any “pause” comments on this song

  28. Drake sounds like a dick on this track

  29. Drake ft Wayne and Kanye????

  30. drake best rapper alive..

  31. drake best rapper alive..

  32. Truth is actually a friend of mine…

    I’m not going to comment on the leaked record or how it was spread everywhere or what not…

    ALL i want to say is leave young dude alone, I don’t think he meant no harm, he just wanted to make music…



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