Gorilla Zoe Talks Lost, Lil Wayne & Album (Video)

I’m not a fan of Gorilla Zoe in any means, but I just wanted to take the time out to say that Lost has grown on my like crazy haha. I’ve gotta blame it on the al-al-al-alcohol and riding shotgun in my man’s ride; who listens to nothing but Wayne, Jeezy, etc. Dah well… I’m lost on a roooooooaaad.


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

11 Responses to “Gorilla Zoe Talks Lost, Lil Wayne & Album (Video)”


  2. ^^^^I just saw it… that ish was crazy lol!

  3. haha, you know im not being dramatic…that shit was bananas! that was the best non playoff game in Heat history, and i have seen a lot of Heat games lol.

  4. am i the only one that thought Zoe pulled a Kanye and just got Jeezy on the adlibs?

    but smh, its just Zoe doin his best Jeezy impression.

  5. A “GUERRILLA CHAIN” really?
    That’s what you do with ya money huh nigga?

    Wow damn doedoes man!!! I hope you never go broke for your sake and learn how to value a dollar man.

  6. The Lost Beat Is Nice. It Grew On Me Long Ago.

  7. yeah, Lost was my cut for the summer. I almost can’t listen to it anymore.

  8. Yea i used 2 listen 2 Lost all the time but now it lost its spot on my ipod…i didn think it would popular tho

  9. That chain is crazy, I actually did like The Lost version with Lil Wayne on it

  10. […] Here is the original post: Gorilla Zoe Talks Lost, Lil Wayne & Album (Video) […]

  11. i heard it over the summer. didnt really feel it. now that its been forced down my throat i actually listened to what he was saying. it def is different from most other hip hop, esp what i would expect from zoe. good content, who doesnt feel lost at one point or another…

    that chain is ignorant. dont go to the d. they collecting

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