Jacques Morel (and Andrea) Review Padded Room (Video)

Dopeboyz… Andrea is back (sorry Jacques haha). And this time they take the sharpies to paper over Joe Budden’s Padded Room.

In order to review this tape, we decided to relate it to a terrible dating cycle. As in, I loved it at first look, however, I saw how it deteriorated as time went on. Depressing.

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~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

35 Responses to “Jacques Morel (and Andrea) Review Padded Room (Video)”

  1. …didn’t really understand the concept of this video but homegirl is fine as hell.

  2. she is looking even better in this one that in the other….

    i still havent gotten padded room. i probably wont after this review. beat selection doesnt sound to good..this was way funnier than w.i.t.a…..good shit

  3. Haha, They murdered the album, good shit! 🙂

  4. We thought this concept might fly over peoples head’s so here is the blurb we put under the video on our site

    “In order to review this tape, we decided to relate it to a terrible dating cycle. As in, I loved it at first look, however, I saw how it deteriorated as time went on. Depressing.”

    thanks for watchin yall !

  5. Padded just got better and better for me the more I listened to it.

  6. I must say this video was funny as Hell!

    The CD does go from upbeat to morose as Hell…and that remix was a throwaway at best.

    The only (major) problems I had with the album were:
    Family Reunion Remix

  7. Dope review…

    hmmm…maybe it’s Andrea…..

    I wonder what’ll be next

  8. Budden gets no love, they spelled his name wrong on the spine of the album – and the “Featuring The Game” sticker was bigger than anything on the cover! You would’ve thought it was a Game album the way his logo was all up on it, probably what the label was hoping anyway.

    The beats, I didn’t like very much – and honestly I wasn’t feeling the album. It’s got better with more listens but I was excited about this one and … K’Naan’s release on the same day was better.

    Crooked I > Royce > Budden > Joell. That’s my updated Slaughterhouse pecking order.

  9. these videos are pretty funny….


  11. that was pretty creative, again niiice

  12. Thanks for peeping untruthfully

    and Swishaa I bought the album just felt I’d throw that crack in.

  13. they do know the family reunion track wasn’t actually on the retail/official copy?… anyway i thought the 13 track album was solid, and like someone above said i liked it more and more everytime i heard it

  14. the album actually grew on me. quite the opposite.

  15. which st. johns do you go to by the way??

  16. For some strange reason, I think Drea was shouting me out with the “Hey Stalkers” sign. lol How many stalkers you got Drea, and who goes the hardest?

  17. that was pretty funny. i still support Budden though.

  18. oh shit, the return of big mike!

  19. Big Mike, Shake is your biggest fan lol

  20. drea’s talking like i didn’t just see her on the strip at deja vu.
    when will girls learn?

  21. where is the photo evidence shakey?
    girls never learn, women already know.

  22. Yes sur!

  23. Drea is too fine! That is all.
    *Waits for next vid! ;D

  24. Next video is featuring 6th sense, look out for that !

  25. again more fucking idiots.
    you have no fucking sense of music.
    joey is not the type to have sick beats and shit rhymes.
    he has sick rhymes and moderate beats.
    he usually makes a average beat at best sick with HIS vocals and what not.
    you listen to these dumb bitches when all your really paying attention to is the cute one.
    but shit i don’t blame you ; )

  26. Shut the FUCK up Cee! What the hell is wrong with internet soldiers? You can take constructive criticism without saying the extra shit? Why somebody gotta be a bitch because they don’t like the same music as you? Who the FUCK are you in the first place?

    People liked the Mood Music series and the Halfway House mixtape because they had tight rhymes AND hard beats. Halfway House was waaayyyyy better the Padded Room. The best songs on Padded Room is “I couldn’t help it” and “Pray for me”. Joey should’ve kept the Halfway House songs and blended them with the better songs from his album.

    The problem with Hip Hop heads is that too many of them think it’s cool to have shitty beats if their lyrics are precise. Ta heel wit dat! If thats what you want, go to a poetry set. This is music. There is a reason why Diddy goes plat while Immortal Technique goes wood. Niggaz ain’t sleep, their not interested.

    So if the rest of the world disagrees with you, everybody else is the idiot? I don’t think so, but thank you for spreading hate. That shit keeps us real niggaz on our toes.

  27. the fact that you liked i couldent help it the best shows your ignorance

  28. Big Mike is goin hard for Drea.
    *decides NOT to spit any game* lmao

  29. The reason I like “I couldn’t help it” is because I found it to be one of the more well put together songs on the album. I like soulful music with a good story to it. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal taste. That’s how life is. That’s why we as people aren’t walking around wearing Star Trek outfits. You might like Ed Hardy while I prefer Coogi.

    The fact that you would call me “ignorant” for my personal opinion is ignorant. Typing isn’t as fast as talking, but yet you still don’t think before you do it. Why?

    p.s. Drea know what it is. I had fun shooting my shot that night, but I ain’t thirsty. I said everything I had to say. If she don’t use the #, That’s fine with me. Next video though, Drea needs to shout me out personally. I’m not the average stalker. lmfao!

  30. Pray for me >>> I couldn’t help it

  31. thank you Big Mike lol you said it perfectly.

  32. Real talk though: Drea should call me and put her cell between her legs so I can kiss her through the phone! lol

  33. …Wow…Mike was reckless but funny… anyway, Drea,Jacques, what do you guys mean send us your music? Are you all going to do small time reviews of songs/artists?

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  35. […] 6th Sense is Drunk Yo! (Video) | Jacques Morel (and Andrea) Review Padded Room (Video) | Jacques Morel Reviews Well Isn’t This Awkward […]

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