Jim Jones – Clack Clack f. Akon (prod. Green Latern)

Jenny and the teeny bop humper hop on some Green Lantern production for a new track. It features someone else that I don’t know (nor care really) about. Shouts to YN on the assist.

DOWNLOAD: Jim Jones – Clack Clack f. Akon (prod. Green Lantern)


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

24 Responses to “Jim Jones – Clack Clack f. Akon (prod. Green Latern)”

  1. “teeny bop humper hop”???? That’s one hell of a nickname you’ve bestowed upon the nasal voiced wonder. Kudos Shake!

  2. lol shakes always wildin out

  3. Wow, the other guy doesn’t mean shit to you? Must be a true sucka, for real. Not even mention the dudes name, but going out of your way to say “I don’t give a fuck about this guy and I’m not typing his name either.”


    ^BTW I’m not hatin’ I just think it’s funny.

  4. ^^nah i really dont know who it is ha.

  5. “Jenny and the teeny bop humper ” OMG too funny LMAO that sounds like a perfect Batman and Robin combo!!!

    The should come out with a album using that same name “Jenny and the teeny bop humper” and release it on Sesame Street Records!!!! lmfao

  6. I would listen to the track and try to figure out who unnamed artist is, but I really don’t feel like sitting through a track full of Jenny and “teeny bop humper hop”. I refuse to call the Konvict anything other than that from this point forward.

  7. Red Cafe spit over this beat/hook a long time ago

  8. There It Is, That Pic Looks Undoubtedly Real. Hilarious

  9. shake you are too funny

  10. I don’t typically do this but considering no one gives a shit about this song, here’s a link to the new J.Period B.I.G. mixtapes

  11. Red Cafe > JJ.

    This beat/hook just isn’t the same without “What Else?”

    Anyone dissing JJ could easily pull this song and spit Jay’s line “Matter fact you had the worst flow in the whole fuckin’ song …”

  12. im dyin from that pic lmao

  13. lol, thats why Shake didn’t want his face on that video the other night. so he can pwn sorry rappers on the internet!

  14. LOL

  15. favors MIA

  16. *Pause*
    and that is not a good look

  17. lmao.

  18. it looks so real lol

  19. the old red cafe version > this

  20. […] NEW MUSIC FROM JIM JONES FT AKON – “CLACK CLACK” – salutes 2dopeboyz […]

  21. whats the name of the red cafe joint?

  22. whats the name of the red cafe joint?
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  23. lmfao @ that picture

  24. the red cafe joint has the same name

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