JoeBuddenTV: Behind The Scenes Of Exxxes (Video)

*sees still shot*
*recognizes ol’ girl*
*gives thumbs up*

Also check out another (unrelated) Joe Budden video (this one’s about the Saigon x Amalgam deal and the Boston buffoonery) under the cut.


~ by Meka on March 9, 2009.

17 Responses to “JoeBuddenTV: Behind The Scenes Of Exxxes (Video)”

  1. wait did the in my sleep video come out?

  2. ^^it didn’t yet.

    LMAO @ joey’s face on the 5:36 mark. comedy

  3. she had that thicky on her…. i wanna see the rest


  5. DAAAYUMMM!!! Guess Joe wasn’t bullshittin about their being 5 videos for Padded Room. I have a feeling this one will be getting the most attention, lol.

    And further proof that Saigon has become a sensitive thug.

  6. haha, he was gonna look at those titties, he wanted the camera OFF! ha

  7. wow saigon ….fail “you on your shit again” grow up saigon please

  8. exxxes isnt one of my favs on padded room but dah well
    others may like it

  9. nice nice

  10. OH SHIT i work with Killah BH’s girl…hahahhaa.
    cant wait for all these videos, specially that move on video. shits going to be crazy.

  11. […] View original post here: JoeBuddenTV: Behind The Scenes Of Exxxes (Video) […]

  12. Halarious! Specailly how it cuts at the end! Hhahaha!
    Can’t blame dude for being so cautious though, never want to mess up a good thang!

  13. DAMN! Meka, you can recoginze ol gurl from the back?! Skillz!

  14. For a second I thought “Did (Whoever’s in charge) put porn back on Youtube?” lol
    The thickness on that still shot alone looks insane! haha *watching now*

  15. why didnt he get his own girl???? whatever

    hey that marlon yates dude looks familiar he from l.a.??

  16. Lol Joe looked uncomfortable as hell cause he know like me & pretty much every other straight dude in the world he really wanted to fuck Milani! Don’t you agree though Shake lol? Can’t wait for the video though should be dope!

  17. This must have got Joe in trouble big time check his Twitter lmfao!

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