Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.4 (Video)

Episode 4 of Kanye’s time on the World Famous Wake Up Show, he’s joined by Murdoc (100k Battle winner) and Ahmad to spit some bars. Speaking of the 100k Battle, the record Crooked I dropped to inspire the emcees, is still one of my favorite joints by dude.

PREVIOUS: Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.2-3


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “Kanye West on the Wake Up Show ep.4 (Video)”

  1. “got head from a chick in special ed” lmao KANYE ripped this shit.

  2. this was classic

  3. Wooooooooooooo…… That was ill!
    Murdoc is a beast!

  4. haha kanye rockin mad hard in the chair after he spit, he ripped it

  5. that was tight. anyone got the audio for that?

  6. Shit was ill… that Ahmed cat had some nice bars. If that was free’d then he gets mad respect.

    rappin Kanye > Top 5 DOA
    808’s Kanye > Almost every other artist out

  7. Kanye was freestylin too…


  8. This was dope, PANCAKES! is right Murdoc is a beast, Kanye and Ahmad did their thing respectively is it just me or has Kanye stepped his freestyle game up (If this was a freestyle) and His freestyle in Part 3 (I think) was dope! but who am I to judge I can’t freestyle to save my life -_-

  9. They went off !!!

  10. Ahmad is & always has been the truth!!! people slept soooo hard on 4th Avenue Jones album. sad to hear about his divorce.

    Ye did his thang – and i need to hear more from Murdoc…nice

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