Malik Cox – Bitch We Get Low x Whiskey On The Rocks

OK I’ll admit I like one Memphis Bleek song: “Everything’s A Go.” Props to Splashy-Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Memphis Bleek – Bitch We Get Low
DOWNLOAD: Memphis Bleek – Whiskey On The Rocks


~ by Meka on March 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Malik Cox – Bitch We Get Low x Whiskey On The Rocks”

  1. How many damn Get Low songs is Bleek gonna put out. Talk about a lack of creativity. It’s like he’s stuck on a treadmill while everyone else is actually running the race.

  2. damn like ye said if your first album sounds like you next and so forth you need to go back to your part-time jobs and find another nack!

  3. ^^^EXACTLY! Bleek needs to just give up already. He basically had a career handed to him and he chose to do absolutely nothing with it. How a rapper can’t manage to show ANY growth over the course of a decade plus, is beyond me.

  4. I’ll agree, if you have to pick one Bleek song, it’ll be “Everything’s A Go.”

    LOL @ Steve_O

  5. hjow about “Bleek, Free, Beans”?
    another dope Just Blaze instrumental wasted
    on Bleek album but at least Free and Beans killed it.

    —a dying metaphor—

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