Random Acts Of Fuckery: Old Farts Edition

Seriously, don’t these guys have something better to do? I mean damn, now I’m just feeling sorry for them.


~ by Meka on March 9, 2009.

20 Responses to “Random Acts Of Fuckery: Old Farts Edition”

  1. Dude is sound MAD desperate at the two minute mark.

  2. Jaz-O saying he “doesn’t get anything” from dissing Jay-Z. Come on man, you get publicity for dissing Jay-Z, which is why you do it. Doesn’t Jaz-O look like an old Allen Iverson?

    Shake why haven’t you posted any Brother Ali?

  3. these guys need to stop. really

  4. Guess they couldn’t find a caricature of the money hov is sittin’ on…….

  5. “get that salt & pepper out your goatee & sand out your vagina please” wow hilarious

  6. Only thing I see as exposed is these dudes saltiness. They just need to come out and say “Jay,please help us out.” Why else would this cat have that old ass picture in his phone? (SMH)…..stop it and move on.

  7. like the nigga Jay said “other niggas aint in the game so they practice hate”. these wack ass niggas is frontin real hard talkin bout they aint mad at him n shit. yet they took time out of whatever the fuck they was doin to set up shop in they crib and make a video about his ass. Sound like some pussy nigga shit to me. And Jay still gon get that guap so them niggas cant say shit.

  8. smh at niggas in their late 40’s rocking MULTIPLE chains and COOGI t-shirts…….show some growth get more mature….

  9. the lost. for posting something liek this on a site like “HIPHOPBEEF.COM” lamee

  10. so these people are “thugs” and “gangsters” ? they look more like a bunch of bitches to me.

  11. speaking of old fart fuckery, check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8JB4PB6a0g&feature=related

  12. yo aint jigga somekind of fart too.. so they all compete in thee same league.. WHAT

  13. pudo that shit was nice…good lookin..even tho it was random as fuck lol

  14. jay-z is a good lyricist but he aint no thug he neva been one jay was neva fighter but i dont care what these dudes on this video said half of jay’s friends know he aint no thug but he can sure rap but not all his songs are great

  15. These pathetic bitches need to get off Jay-Z’s dick and get a life. Why are these washed up chumps releasing videos dissing Jay while they aren’t even on his radar for him to respond. Gunner and Jaz-O look very sorry doin’ this, they are obviously desperate for some attention. If either of these sorry ass punk bitches had a career they wouldn’t have to stoop so low for some mixtape promotion. Whoever braids their hair needs to let them know that they are coming off like some jealous and envious no rap career having, washed-up hoes. These dudes look so saaaaaaaad!!! They ought to be ashamed of themselves fucking faggots….

  16. Jay-Z has moved on with his life – why can’t Jaz-O do the same. Coat-tail riding ass LOSER. In about 20 years he’s still going to be doing this type of childish nonsense, still thinking that somebody owes him something. Still hating on the next man because his career has gone nowhere. Jaz-O and his lame ass fag friends come off as back-biting crab-in-the-barrel mentality having rap star wanabees. What a saaad bunch, get a life chumps. But most importantly – grow up and get off another man’s dick.

  17. “Shake why haven’t you posted any Brother Ali?”

    because they dont want anything posted off the EP.

  18. “Doesn’t Jaz-O look like an old Allen Iverson?”

    lol word I was just thinking that

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  20. he’s right though, you can’t blackball a street vendor, hahaha

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