Rick Ross on Hot97 w/ Funk Flex (Audio)

After getting cut down by Angie, the titty monster chops it up with Funk Flex about the usual shit. Speaking of shit… Ross said something about him having a BET Testimonial special, that will clear the air about his past. *cough*bullshit*cough* Sorry about that, my throats been acting up lately. Anyways, shouts to RapRadar on the audio rippage.

LISTEN: Rick Ross on Hot97 w/ Funk Flex


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

31 Responses to “Rick Ross on Hot97 w/ Funk Flex (Audio)”

  1. I think hes learning that the department correction thing is gonna hurt his sales

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!
    Yall niggas is too funny for that picture!

  3. Rick Ross should just give up…. Wave the white flag… Speaking of people who should just give up on their 9 to 5, I post the movie the Wrestler. If you want to watch it, hit the link

  4. LMAO @ blurring out his man tits..

  5. LOL. You a fool for this one Shake!

  6. you’re a fool shake..lol

  7. ….LMAO at the pixelated nips. fine work, sir.

  8. dead @ titty monster

  9. Lol, funny how I only posted because of the censored titties


    shake bro, this is one of the many reasons i come to this blog on the REG


  11. […] Here is the original post: Rick Ross on Hot97 w/ Funk Flex (Audio) […]

  12. hasn’t Shake posted the pixelated nips before?

  13. Shake is startin to show his bitch side
    The fact that he keeps dissin Ross on some superficial shit is beyond me
    Youre mad because he lied about bein a C.O?
    90% of the rappers u love lie about what the fuck they did
    Now all of a sudden,u clowns wanna act offended??
    LMAO !!
    Y’all believed Biggie when he talked about killin niggaz in “Warning” or ‘Somebody Gotta Die” or etc…
    Y’all believed Raekwon when he talked that “stickin’ up” drug dealers bullshit in “Criminalogy” or “Knuckleheadz” or etc…
    y’all believe KRS when he spits that bullshit knowledge showin he doesnt actually “read” books
    Nigga give Diddy passes on his fake life as a drug dealer
    I could go in…
    Half u niggaz on HERE talk shit like your built to do shit…
    but can’t
    Rick Ross leaked records so far has been INCREDIBLE
    Either your a music fan or a 50 stan
    Choose a side
    But this whole “fuck the police ” bullshit u bitches are talkin sounds fake
    Keep perpetuating ignorance that somehow being a cop or being for the law is soft
    And u’ll continue to feed nigagz to lie about havin REAL jobs and wanting something better in life
    Shake has no problem puttin up a picture of a half dressed 50
    Now that shows you something
    I guess its easier onyou to look at a CERTAIN TYPE of men’s chest
    Live your life Shake…
    in the closet

  14. Haha that pic gets me everytime

  15. ^^No “THE INVISIBLES” Didn’t Just Say Shake’s A 50 Stan..
    Hahaha..Thas The Funniest Shit Ive Ever Seen In My Life..

    Ross Music Is Cool..
    But Whenever Hes Not Rapping Hes Lying..
    Shit He Lie In His Own Raps..LMAO…Bottom Line Ppl Don’t Like To Be Lied To..Once The Facts Are Out Ppl’s Perception Of You Change..I Don’t Give A Shit How Good You Can Rap..

    A Nigga We Knew Was A CO Talkin Bout 10 Million Dollar Conversation, Moving Birds & Super Rich…..SMH…Come The Fuck On We Know Better Mane…Show Me The Forbes…Why Don’t Ross Change His Message Up To Some Positive Raps…Then He Wouldn’t Be A Walking Contradiction..

    Liars Usually Have Bad Character..

    Nigga Don’t Even Have The Balls To Admit He Was A CO After All This Exposing..Smh..

  16. LMAO@ “Bossful” and “Everyone wanna get to know the BOY.. dey gon’ get to know THE BOY!”

    Ross is entertaining; he’s comical.

    “Titty monster” is classic. Haha

  17. Mr.Meetoo said this
    …”Bottom Line Ppl Don’t Like To Be Lied To…”
    Your an idiot
    If your lookin for the truth “Mr.Meetoo” (your name says it all)
    go read a book
    if your lookin to be entertained,then be entertained
    You need to stop listening to rap right now if your lookin for niggaz who tell the truth
    Like I said before
    Biggie lied in almost ALL of his rhymes
    They were still dope records
    50 cents lies about killin niggaz yet all he has proof of is gettin lay out on the streets shot
    When 50 had the chance to do something to JaRule PHYSICALLY,he got jumped in the studio and then had Black Child put in jail
    yet niggaz think that fraud is “gangsta”

    Now your askin Ross to say some “positive” shit…?
    Why dont you write a letter to 50,Jay-Z,Busta,Kiss,Cam,Raekwon,etc… and say the same shit
    Niggaz BEEN exaggerating a lifestyle in rap ever since Sugar Hill Gang all the way up to every rap artist with a rented Bentleys and mansions in their videos
    Stop being a bitch ass hippocrite and except the fact that even your favorite rappers lie about who they were and who they are now
    They question you should be askin is:
    Is the record hot or not
    In 50’s case,he hasn’t put out hot shit in years
    And from whats comin out of that camp from “Crack A Bottle” to all of the leaks off Dre’s album..
    It doesnt seem like they have any hot shit comin

  18. Damn what’s up with all the Ross hate???!!! Jesus stop it already. You’d think the man murdered a family member of yours the way people who log on to 2dopeboyz to comment on Rick Ross.

    I have no opinion on the CO stuff because if you ever been to jail or know niggas from jail, you’d know that CO’s are regular niggas getting a paycheck. Some of them are grimy ass hell and smuggle shit in for the inmates.

    What’s funny is most niggas in the hood know CO’s just like there are a lot of niggas in the hood who work security jobs.

    All I’m saying is that doesn’t very possible he was hustling when he was a CO at the same time and/or either possible he hustled after he worked as a CO.

    Now that we don’t know. Now if we knew he wasn’t hustling during or after working as a correctional officer then I WOULD DEFINITELY CALL HIM A FRAUD! But as it stands now the fact that he was a CO holds no weight in me figuring out if he was hustling. Y’all niggas got the verdict out on him as if y’all know the truth. I’m saying support him but I’m definitely saying stop hating on the dude when you have no answers. Just remain neutral until your see proof. This is so typical in the hood, when some1 says the other person is a snitch everyone goes along with the word as if they know. I’ve seen situations where everyone found out it wasn’t true. No one apologizes at all for their actions. Now the people who were plotting retaliation toward the alleged snitch and/or killing an innocent man what do they say and do now? Nothing! You had a man in fear of his life all because of people playing “follow the leader”

  19. ***
    All I’m saying is that it’s very possible he was hustling when he was a CO at the same time and/or either possible he hustled after he worked as a CO.

    I’m not saying support him but I’m definitely saying stop judging the dude when you have no answers of the “real” truth. Just remain neutral until your see proof.

  20. ***
    He could have well started hustling after he quite the job as a CO!

  21. censoring ross brestaciss lol too funny

  22. Hilarious that two supposed hiphop purists and the rest of you followin ass niggaz are so stuck on Ross being a C.O……….Whether he was or not is clearly BESIDES the point, you’d think people with such a deep background in hiphop would recognize that all your favorite rappers have embellished their stories……..As long as the shit bumps well isnt that all that should matter? Take Onyx for example those niggas were amutherfuckin fruity ass house band turned goons who rapped about stompin nikkas heads out, but would anyone dispute their relevance in hiphop? Are we gonna front like Jay-z hasn’t lied about 90 percent of his drug stories? 2pac was the biggest fronter ever yet no one would front on him……..Before massive feelings are caught I want to clarify that I am NOT comparing Ricky to any of those rappers……..But it must be stated that this continued obession on his background is pathetic especially considering hes clearly putting out better music than 50 who this site’s authors continue to consistently suck off…..

  23. Great interview too!

  24. all it most of us rappers is liars and dead prez said believe none of whut hear and half of what u see Rick Ross killing fiddy”listen to my lyrics” cent its like all of a sudden 50 is the most credible dude in the game u dudes r pathetic i bet yall be singing along wit that magnificent track ne way Deeper than rap bitchez

  25. THE ADMIN Listenes we tell em we throwin up on his topless look he listened

  26. Da hood don’t ride with ross, only some lames from da south cuz almost everybody knows that he’s da biggest fraud in da rap game, even Angie owned that nigga, that’s ridiculous lmaooooooooo everybody laughin @ da officer, and if u wanna talk bout diss’s or hits, u can’t compare this nigga to 50, not even ur dreams mummaboy. By da way, Lloyd Banks-Officer Down, LYRICAL HOMICIDE!!

  27. ^^^^ real talkkk

  28. Cuz you fuckin clowns are credible representations of Hood!?! GTFOH…..And why is it relevant what the hell the hood thinks anyway when it comes to music……..SMH at this old ass backward way of thinking being the last resot of dudes who are incredibly biased when it comes to evaluating dude’s music…….He’s an easy target but fact is your favorite rapper is a liar and fraud too ( more likely than not anyway) so miss me with the ” fraud” shit………This aint no jarule type beef anyway cuz its already blown ever and he will still moves units while 50 will continue to make trash music……FACT

  29. […] a real g…if you was gonna fly [Tia] up and take her shopping, you shoulda banged on tape talk you did with Flex might come back to haunt you (again). Curly is […]

  30. […] a real g…if you was gonna fly [Tia] up and take her shopping, you shoulda banged on tape talk you did with Flex might come back to haunt you (again). Curly is […]


    It’s not that he lied about being a CO, it’s that he’s LYING about being a CO! He still is denying every bit of it, and G Unit is killing him over these records – no one denies that! His raps have been soft aimed @ G Unit, he spits a 30 second freestyle and then talks shit for 3 minutes in a youtube video. Fuck Ross.

    I personally don’t get the infatuation with coke dealers anyway? Jay Pioneered that shit as far as going mainstream with it, and his rhymes are on point 98% of the time when he refers back to it – but why is everyone claiming they’re dealing? It’s just all bullshit to me.

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