Saigon Talks Amalgam Digital Deal

This past weekend, it was announced that Saigon inked a deal with Joe Budden’s current label. The news sort of got pushed to the side as the Joe Budden x Boston shit was the hot topic of the weekend. Anyways, Sai released a statement talking about his deal and what it actually pertains to. Hit the jump…

okay okay okay…. Im sure by now you all heard rumors about me signing to Amalgam Digital and now youre gonna hear whats real from the horses mouth…. Did I sign a traditional recording deal with Amalgam Digital as an artist? The answer is NO.. At this stage of my life/career, I’m waaaay to smart and business saavy to enter a typical record deal with ANYONE. What I AM doing with Amalgam Digital is entering a unique, never been done before business venture where they help market promote and distribute some of my many projects.

First of all, Amalgam Digital is NOT a record company but a New Media outlet.. With the sales of CD’s rapidly declining, their NEW business motto was perfect for what Ive been trying to do and makes perfect sense with us moving into this totally digital era… They seen my creative vision, believe in my vision and we entered into a non-exclusive partnership that will bring it all to life….I am nobody’s artist. I am a businessman doing some very lucrative, serious business with a VERY credible New Media company who like myself is trying to stay ahead of the curve…So, there you have it so STOP sending me messages..PLEASE.

Now that thats clear, please look out for the first project through this venture called ‘All in A Days Work’ which will be released March 17th DIGITAL ONLY….. Its one of the best Hip Hop album’s in a while and was recorded in a 24hr period. It was also produced solely by Statik Selektah who came through correct. That will be followed shortly by the sequel to my classic disc ‘Warning Shots’ with’ Warning Shots 2’… From this point on, I will be releasing music in a very timely fashion without having to deal with the politricks of a clueless traditional record label.. The future is here ladies and gentlemen…. Get with it…….March 17th… ‘All In a Days Work’…..

MARCH 17th….. HIP HOP has been saved.


~ by Shake on March 9, 2009.

18 Responses to “Saigon Talks Amalgam Digital Deal”

  1. hip hop will be saved on march 17th? sick! lol

  2. the ego on saigon……

  3. “HIP HOP has been saved.”

    Why do I feel like I’ve heard this from about a million artists before, and it’s the same shit everytime?

  4. While I think it’s a good thing he’s making moves and his music will see the light of day unlike the ghost story of Greatest Story Never Told. He takes an L for dissing Budden for being with Amalgam then hooking up with’em.

  5. iAgree w/ James…That’s like calling ya dude’s girl ugly then yall become fuck buddies…

  6. Chyeaa I’m hyped for sai’s album. Statik Selektah did his thing on the beats tha i heard so far. roc stand up…845

  7. I would’ve been excited to hear this news…..3 Years ago.

  8. i wouldnt enter his shit in a google search to even start to download it… entourage is my shit though. so big ups. ha

  9. make sure they spell ur shit rite too lol

  10. yall wait…

  11. We been waiting… about 6 years now.

  12. only 6…more like 9…Statik is sick though, if hes gonna do an album with only one producer Im glad its him.

  13. this nigggga saigon is the most off the wall character i have ever heard of!! he be saying one things one second, then saying something totally different thee other. i couldnt care if u ever drop. his old school mixtapes where good, but damn how you gonna diss some1 on a record label, lose 2 them in 2rounds then sign to that same record label????this niggggggga

  14. […] Read the original here: Saigon Talks Amalgam Digital Deal […]

  15. …. yeah still waitin on the greatest story never told guy ..

  16. ill marketing scene!!! u gonna luv it! first dissES his rap enemy Joe Budden! 2nd after all said n done signs a partnership agreement to reap more than 50 percent the benefits this the label.
    excellent work! come to my show n lets talk about it EMBASSYNYC RADIO tues 8pm live stream! link on my site

  17. updated album art…

    this fool said “the new illmatic” on his damn myspace page. This album already takes a minor L just on the stupidity of that comment.

  18. As happy as I am to see Saigon actually get to release some music, making the releases digital only is a HUGE MISTAKE. I happen to be one of those crazy people who actually buy CD’s, to the point that I refuse to buy mp3’s of any sort (I’ve never used iTunes for purchasing, and for the same reason I still don’t own Budden’s “Halfway House” album nor any other “download only” album). For one, as much as I love 320 bitrate files, they still aren’t as good as the actual CD quality you get with an official disk. And second, I never have to worry about my CD crashing any losing all my music files. Again, props to Saigon, but I doubt he’ll be getting my business.

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