2 Hungry Bros. – My Crew’s All Thinner (Mixtape)

The rare grooves/hip hop mixtape by the production duo of the AOK Collective is here, featuring everybody under the sun… except me. But it’s not like I’m mad or nothing of course. Tracklist and link under the cut.

1. 8thw1 – Walk Tall
2. Substantial – King Strut
3. Mickey Factz – Move On Up
4. Fresh Daily & $trictlyBusine$$ – Bed-Stuy Bullet Dodge
5. Senor Kaos – Wandering Soul
6. 8thw1 – The Expose’
7. Critical – Holy Are You
8. Reef the Lost Cauze – Ripped By Loud Metal Explosions
9. 8thw1 – Executive Lounge
10. P.CASSO – Second Wind
11. Little Vic – Black Night
12. 8thw1 – Harlem Hindu
13. Daniel Joseph – Holy Thursday
14. Nikkobya Bisou – Le Machete’
15. Gary Bartz – Celestial Blues
16. 8thw1 – Small Crib
17. Von Pea – Foodstamps
18. K Gaines – Rum Raisin
19. 8thw1 & Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
20. Mazzi – SOUL Propulsion
21. Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular
22. 10 Wheel Drive – Ain’t Gonna Happen
23. Willie Colon – Te Conozco

DOWNLOAD: 2 Hungry Bros. – My Crew’s All Thinner (Mixtape)


~ by Meka on March 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “2 Hungry Bros. – My Crew’s All Thinner (Mixtape)”

  1. This is dope, like when i fuck my mum in bed.

  2. 21. Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular = MY SHIT!!!!!!! Been my shit for days now…

    Now, I will listen to the rest of the tape. Thanks, Meka

  3. i fucks with AOK!

  4. not enough sandman
    dudes flow is ridiculous.
    but, should be a dope tape.

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  6. wow! Thanks! and thanks for blasting that Best of 2 hungry Bros. P.casso just told me about that. wow

  7. 2dbz supports the aok!

  8. 2 Hungry Bros don’t wear support Bros (a la Kostanza Sr. Invention with Kramer, for man boobs) but we do appreciate the Love and show it and will keep it coming!
    you guys rock
    AOK UP!!!!

  9. Been waiting for some 8THW1 that’s my dude

  10. Dope…progressive..hip-hop….Deep ? got any thing to say to the illuminati

  11. This is a SICK mixtape. I must give much props to 2 hungry bros for putting together such a good tape. I hope there will be more!

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